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Fan Wand
Fan Wand

Fan Wand

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320g(12ounce) 180mm/length 10-25mm diameter

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Item Number: 02090022

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The essence of Pure wand rendered in gleaming medical-grade stainless. The Fun Wand is most versatile design, providing a pleghora of sensual possibilities. Ideal alone or with a partner, the Fun Wand is great fun for combined oral and G-supot simulation, or flip toy (and your partner!) over and use the graduated bulbs to give them the anal treat you know they deserve.
The Fun Wand offers 12 ounce (320g) of pure stainless, polished to a mirror shine. The 1" head provieds delicious G or P-spot massage, while the bulbs graduated from 3/4" to 1 deliver lovely anal stimulation.
Heat or cool in warm water or fridge. Clean by any means, but avoid abrasives please or you''ll lose the fine shine.

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