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Je Joue FiFi
MORE MORE MORE FUN RABBIT!!!IThis is the perfect vibe to pinch your clitoris from the root to the end!If you are looking for a quiet and strong vibrating vibrator, this is the one for you!


Je Joue FiFi

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●Material: Medical grade silicone
●Rechargeable (2 hours of full charge for 2 hours of continuous use)
●First charge for 12 hours or more
●Fully waterproof
●Length: 180mm, insertion part: 120mm, diameter: 25mm~30mm/Length of rabbit part: 45mm
●Weight 130g
●Vibration: 7 patterns, 5 levels of intensity
●Country of production: China

販売価格:¥22,000 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01021333

Points obtained: 1000 LPC Points

This is a Rabbit vibe from a British brand called "JeJoue" that has won the vibe design award for three consecutive years.
JeJoue is a toy brand made for women and couples.As the brand name means "I play", it is a toy brand that allows you to enjoy free, beautiful and sophisticated adult play.

A sophisticated design that will make you want to scream "WOW!" as soon as you pick it up.There are few vibes that are this simple and yet have such a beautiful shape.Once you have this vibrator, you'll know why it's called "Rabbit" for clitoral and g-spot stimulation!Yes, the "FiFi" is a vibrator in the form that is synonymous with the rabbit vibe.

When all the insertion parts are in, the rabbit's ear part vibrates as it pinches and pinches the clitoris firmly from root to tip.
What's great is that the motor is firmly built into the small vibe, so you can enjoy it as much as you want, from delicate to strong.When you turn the vibrator on its strongest, it's surprisingly intense and "dodd-dodd..." reverberates in every part of your body, sending a jolt of orgasm through you.This vibration is a unique vibe of "JeJoue", and it is a strong vibe that really fills you up to the marrow of your bones with pleasure.It was also a standout favorite in the strong vibrating vibe feature at the Love Peace Club.
Of course, it also has a delicate vibe, so it can be recommended for anyone from beginners to heavy users!Also, the "FiFi" isn't the "noisy" sound that strong vibes tend to be. It's very quiet because of the low vibration.

The roundness of the tip is exquisitely curved, and the back side of the clitoris is stimulated from inside the vagina.
I'm glad it's that thick.It's a British manufacturer, but it's slender because it's focused on Asian women's sizes.The high quality silicone is very comfortable and gentle on the skin.The overseas products are a little big? I think many people feel it before penetration, but if you use lotion with it, you'll be fine.
Plus, it's completely waterproof! You can enjoy it in the bath or while taking a shower.
It's the perfect vibe to say the least! 

However, if I had to pick one difficulty, it would be the British style "hardness".If you're used to using Japanese appliances, the buttons to switch between strong and weak vibes feel a little stiff.The key is to press the button firmly.Of course, the operation is simple, so it's easy to use, and you can easily do things like strength and weakness very reasonably.The strongest beauty vibe in the world, which won the design show at the adult goods show in Berlin! 
It's a great, functional vibe. I recommend it!

*Currently, FiFi Purple, Rose, and Black are charged by USB.

■How to use it
1. please charge it for more than half a day for the first time. Also, please check the operation before actually using it.
2.When charging is complete, press the + button strongly. (Press and hold for 2-3 seconds)
3.Use the + and - buttons to change the intensity of the sound. The button in the middle is the button to change the mode.
4.To stop the vibration, press and hold the - button firmly.

Using the ideas

I thought I didn't need a pattern on my vibe! I'm sorry!But thanks to FiFi, I've woken up to the pattern (lol).That's funny! The left and right ears flap at the chestnut! It's great! It's great!(Staff Natsuki)

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FAQ about products

Q I don't know what to do with the rabbit ear-like part. A The FiFi's ears are made to pinch the clitoris. There are different sizes and positions for the clitoris. Also, if you touch the clitoris directly, the stimulation can be too strong, and what's great about FiFi is that it takes those "sensations" into account, pinching and unapologetically stimulating the skin so that it wraps everything from the vaginal entrance to the clitoris, from the top of the skin to the whole thing.
Q Can you wash it? A It's a magnetic vibe, so it's completely waterproof. You can have fun while you shower!

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