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It's not just stylish! The remote-controlled rotor with 3 times the distance of the remote-controlled operation and the vibration of the rotor is strengthened by more than 50%.



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●Finish :Matte Silicone / Shiny ABS Plastic
●Size :80 X 33 X 32mm / 3.15 X 1.3 X 1.3 in.
●Weight :36g / 1.27 oz.
●Battery :Li-Ion 200 mAh
●Charging :2 h at 5.0 V 200 mA
●User Time :2 hrs (Lyla™) 10 hrs (controller)
●Standby :90 days
●Frequency :130Hz
●Max Noise Level :<50dB
●Wireless Range :Up to 36 meters
●Link Frequency :2.4GHz
●Transmitter :1mW
●Made in China
●Label : LELO (SWEDEN)

販売価格:¥26,400 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01019353

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The popular remote control rotor LYLA has been powered up!
The range of remote control operation has been increased from 12 meters to 36 meters!
The vibration of the rotor is more than 50% more powerful!
It's not only stylish, but also powerful.
The great thing about this remote control vibe is that the controller side can also enjoy the same vibrations as the rotor.
You can control the vibrator by making it stronger or weaker, setting the rhythm, and so on, while feeling what kind of vibrator your partner is enjoying.

What's even more impressive is that it uses the SenseMotion technology, which reflects your hand movements to the vibrations. When you hold the controller horizontally, you get a soft vibration, when you tilt it at 90 degrees, you get a strong vibration, and when you shake or tilt the controller rapidly, you get a smooth and amazingly strong vibration. The movement of your hand becomes a vibe, and the person who has the controller can also feel the vibe that your partner feels.
Of course, you can adjust the strength of the vibes with the buttons on your controller.
You can manipulate the vibrator in your pocket. What is also OK.

The rotor is rechargeable. It is completely waterproof and can be used continuously for two hours. Of course the front is silicone-coated and the surface is silky smooth. You can put it on your nipple, on your clitoris, or just put it in there... of course it feels good!

It also comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. For your first time with a vibrator or to get excited about an exciting time with your partner... please do!

Two AAA batteries are used for the controller. This one is included with the kit. There is a special key for the battery part, so please use it. The instruction manual in Japanese is also enclosed.

【LELOFor customers who have purchased】
You can download the product manual from the LELO official website.
The instruction manual is enclosed with the unit, but if you have lost it, please see here.
LELO also comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
If your product breaks down within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.
In this case, please keep the "invoice" that will be sent with the product because it will be necessary.

Using the ideas

Two people playing, of course, but the hand holding the rotor hurts! I'd like to use it if you have a tingling sensation in your hand. It's a good choice for those who have a tingling sensation in their hands. After fixing the rotor with a pair of pocketed panties, all you have to do is lie down and operate the controller. There are no cords like regular rotors, so there is no hassle! (Staff)

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FAQ about products

Q How should I care for it? A Since the remote control side is battery powered, it's better to spray and wipe it down with a cleaner than to wash it with water. Alternatively, you can wipe it off with a wipe. The rotor side is waterproof, so it is clean enough to use with warm water and soap. However, if soap residue is left behind, it can cause itching and irritation when you put it in the vagina. Be sure to wash it off well! On that point, special cleaners are safer and quicker to clean up.
Q The controller doesn't have to vibe... A Only the controller vibe can be turned off!
1. Press the + button to turn on the controller.
2.Press the middle button briefly three times (not long press), and then press and hold for about five seconds to make the controller light flash and stop vibrating, but still operate the unit.  The controller's vibe is turned off, but you can adjust the vibration intensity with the + or - button and change the vibration pattern with the middle button.
3.Press and hold the middle button again for about 5 seconds to turn on the controller light and the vibration will start again.

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