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FUN FACTORY Smartball2 teneo duo NEO
The very popular Smartball 2 has been relaunched in a shape that is easier to fit and more Asian in size!

FUN FACTORY Smartball2 teneo duo NEO

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●Diameter 32mm/36mm
●Made in Germany
●Label:Fun Factory
*There may be traces of mold marks or fine fissures in the surface of the ball due to the manufacturing process. It is not a problem for use. There is no problem in the use of this product, so please do not worry about it.

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Item Number: 03090214〜03090215

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Just by putting it in, the muscles running along the vagina and the tailbone are stimulated, and the smart ball helped to spark the vaginal training boom that allows you to feel the tightness of the vagina.
It is now available in a shape that is easier to put in!
The diameter of the ball has been reduced from two 3.6 cm to 3.2 cm, and the shape has also been changed from a ball to a long, thin circle.
Along with this, the weight has also changed from 90g to 70g.

*Now that the manufacturer has discontinued production of the old type of Smart Ball, "Smart Ball" now refers to this type.

The Smartball 2 is a German-made PC Muscle equipment that makes training easy while remaining relaxed and without consciously moving your muscles. The idea is that an iron ball inside can be used to stimulate and train the muscles as the iron ball rolls around in the vagina by simply doing daily movements. The surface is made of the highest level of premium silicon. The material is safe even if it comes into contact with mucus. This is recommended for people whose symptoms are not so serious and who want to do a quick workout first. You can train with daily movements, but don't train when you're menstruating or when you're tired. It is easy for germs to get in. Please read the following instructions carefully before using the product.

It is made in Europe, so even though it is small and improved, some Asian women may find it too big. This is the size we recommend for more women in childbirth. Because it is easy to wash the whole because the cord part is silicon, and because the surface has an unevenness, it is suitable for training that is hard to slip and hard to fall.
It comes with the instruction manual.

Using the ideas

1. Relax your body and insert the smart ball in a relaxed state. The one with the string should be on the outside.
2. You can sit in any position, but if you sit on the floor or bed in a comfortable posture with a cushion on your waist, you can feel the movement of your muscles more easily.
In the beginning, only one ball should be put in, and as you get used to it, put two balls in at the same time. The iron ball inside stimulates the vaginal muscles by moving in circles with the movement of the body. Just putting it in your vagina can be a workout.
4. Pull the string slowly when you take it out. The strap is also coated with silicone. The mucous membrane will not be damaged when taking it in and out.

●It is possible to insert it for several hours, but try to start with about 15 minutes at the beginning.
●Wash the Smart Ball with lukewarm water and soap after each use. Please do not use with anal or with other people.

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FAQ about products

Q What happens when you work out your vagina?      A A woman's orgasm is a contraction of the PC muscle running through the vagina and the caudal vagina. When your muscles are tucked away, you will be able to feel that twitching sensation more deeply. In addition, I can feel that the waist area that was loosened for some reason will become tighter. Rather than becoming muscular, it's like being aware of your invisible inner muscles and rejuvenating your body from the inside out.
Q I don't know what PC muscle is.       A The PC muscle is the muscle you use when you consciously try to stop peeing. If you're not sure, try to consciously stop urinating when you urinate on the toilet. The place to focus your strength at that time is your PC muscle.
Q I don't know how long to use it or when to remove it.        A For the first week or so of use, start with about 30 minutes. When you get used to it, extend it from 1 to 2 hours to 4 to 5 hours...and so on. If you don't know when to take it off during the day's cycle, for example, it is recommended that you take it off when you go to the bathroom.
Q I'm worried that the middle part of the gourd will be cut. A Sure, the middle part of the string or gourd is very soft, but it won't tear off basically. However, if you pull the string as hard as you can, it will put too much strain on the string, which is not good. When taking it out, (1) in a relaxed posture, (2) push it out of the vagina, and (3) pull it out slowly. You can take it out with peace of mind.
Q Compared to other vaginal training products, I feel that the diameter is thicker. A Initially, the first product we started selling at the Love Peace Club was this whole "Smart Ball 2", the "Smart Ball". Smartball 2 is the most standard form. It's true that the diameter is thicker than the Love Pearl, but if you put enough lotion on it, it's not difficult to insert it.

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