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TIANI3 is now available. The rotor is bigger, and it's easier to hit the clitoris, and it's more powerful. You can insert a penis or a dildo while stimulating the clitoris! !



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●Smooth Silicone Design with 100% More Powerful Motor
●Remote Controls with SenseMotion™ Technology
●8 Stimulation Modes (2 created by moving remote)
●100% Waterproof & Rechargeable
●1-Year Warranty

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The much-acclaimed remote control rotor TIANI3 is now available!

Like TIANI2, a long and narrow part is put into the vagina, and the big part is used for the clitoris.
The part of the rotor which is placed against the clitoris changes from an ellipse shape to a big square shape with thickness. Now, the vibe is twice as strong as TIANI2. With it, the strength of the vibe is twice as strong as TIANI2. It stimulates the clitoris more strongly in the size that is easy to hit.

The insertion part has grooves for dildos and penises, so you can have penetrative sex with TIANI3 attached, or you can insert a dildo or a vibrator by yourself.
(TIANI2 came with two inserting parts, one with a groove and one without, but this is not the case with TIANI3. TIANI3 is only available with one groove :)
You can feel the vibration in the clitoris and vagina, and at the same time feel the weight of the piston by insertion. It is groundbreaking to be able to do!
Furthermore, the tip of the insertion part is bent, and when I put the dildo and the penis, the G-spot It's calculated to hit intensively. That's LELO!

To use the remote control.
・How to change the intensity of the vibrator by tilting the remote control
・How to change the intensity by shaking the remote control
・How to change the strength of the remote control with the buttons
And there are three patterns.

The great thing about this remote control vibe is that you can enjoy the same vibrations as the rotor.
You can increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations, set a rhythm, and so on, while feeling what kind of vibrations your partner is enjoying.
What's even better is the SenseMotion technology, which changes the intensity of the vibrations as you tilt or shake the remote.
Your hand movements are reflected in the vibrations. Keeping the controller side horizontal gives a soft vibe, and tilting it to 90 degrees gives a strong vibe.
When you tilt the controller to 90 degrees, the vibes will be stronger or softer.
Mysterious vibrations with strong and weak vibes. You can feel your partner's vibration by holding the controller and feel the vibrations of your hand. Some people can feel it.
Because the controller can be made not to vibrate, it is OK to manipulate the vibrator secretly in the pocket...!
In addition, it is possible to use the main body alone without using the controller.

Of course, it's fun to use as a couple, but you can also enjoy it on your own.
For example, with TIANI3 on...
Try each of the six different vibe patterns.
With the remote control at hand, you can change the intensity and pattern of the vibrations, which is very convenient and elegantly pleasing.
Try out the vibrations that are gentle and strong, or irregular vibrations that become strong suddenly, and try out your favorite mode.
You can use it freehand, so you can operate the remote control with one hand while putting in a dildo or vibrator with the other hand.

I usually use it alone, and when I meet my partner, I use it with him...
You can enjoy it in two ways and it's a great value.
It's a cute size that fits in the palm of your hand, so it's good for those looking for a slimmer vibrator.

※The rotor is rechargeable. It is fully waterproof and can be used for up to 1 hour. The lamp blinks while charging and lights up when the charge is complete.

※It comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

※The controller uses two AAA batteries. These are included in the kit. There is a special key for the battery part, put it in the hollow of the cover of the controller and turn it to the left. The lid will open when you take it.
It comes with Japanese instructions.

【LELOFor customers who have purchased】
You can download the product manual from the LELO official website.
LELO also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
If your product malfunctions within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.
We ask you to keep the delivery note that we send with the product as we need it for this purpose.

Using the ideas

If you are in danger, you can turn it off with the remote control on hand...
I can put a vibrator on you while your wrists are tied...
If you have such a fantasy, I recommend it!
It will expand your range of pleasure. (Staff Emma)

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