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FunFactory SmartVibes JAZZIE
The simplest silicone mini vibe. Safe function and high quality silicon. If you want to try the vibe for the first time, I recommend it.


FunFactory SmartVibes JAZZIE

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●Material:Premium Silicone,body-friendly ABS plastic
●Length:180mm/Insertable Length 155mm
●Made in Germany

販売価格:¥5,500 (tax included)
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FUN FACTORY is a long-established brand established in 1996 that boasts by far the largest share of the market in Germany, the advanced country of Toy. While many manufacturers have factories in Asia in order to reduce the price of their products, they have factories in Germany and are exceptionally particular about MADE IN GERMANY.
Toy features a pop of color and design. The company has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award, and has been recognized worldwide for the artistry of its products.

At our headquarters in Germany, more than half of our employees are women. It's based on their real needs, so yeah! That's what I wanted! This is why we have created toys that are so close to women's opinions that make you want to say, "Yes, this is what I wanted!
If you're looking for your first vibrator, or if you're looking for a simple and easy to use toy, we recommend the Jazzy!
The vibrator is designed to gently massage the clitoris and make sure that you have an orgasm. However, recent vibes tend to go astray with various functions, or compete for thickness and length, or make strange colors.... But this jazzy is a sincere vibe that reminds us once again of its original purpose, which is to ensure female pleasure.

The era of "cheap vibrators are disposable" is over. At least Jazzy makes me realize that those days are really over.
Small, powerful motors made in Germany using the highest quality premium silicon and the world's most advanced technology, but they can also be used in water.
It's battery powered, and the vibe is started by simply sliding the dry cell case. It is so simple that there is not even a button on it. There is one type of vibe, not strong or weak. For those used to strong vibrations, the vibrations may be lacking, but for those new to vibes, the vibrations are more than adequate and steady.
Best of all, the squishy material, made of the finest premium silicone, is amazing. It is also very slim. It's not just a straight vibe, but it has a curve to deepen the pleasure when you put it in, take it out or put it against the vaginal wall.
The length, the thinness, the strength of the vibe, and the price embody "very comfortable".

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