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Vaginal Dilator by BS No.4
Vaginal Dilator size No.4 from BS, Spain.100% Medical Safe Silicone.


Vaginal Dilator by BS No.4

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No.1 Diamter 17-19mm/Length 75mm
No.2 Diamter19-20mm/Length 90mm
No.3 Diamter 20-22mm/Length100mm
No.4 Diamter 21-26mm/Length120mm
No.5 Diamter 25-28mm/Length135mm

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They are available in small and large sizes. If you feel no discomfort even if you put it in for more than 10 minutes, you can put on your underwear as it is and go about your daily life. The silicone is not as hard as plastic and has a gentle elasticity. There are five different sizes from no.1 to no.5.  It is recommended that you start with a small size and gradually increase the size. This no.4 is about 21-26mm in diameter, root 27mm/insertion length 120mm. Please refer to the photo that compares it to an AA battery. Each one is delivered in antibacterial packaging.

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