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FunFactory Dildo BOUNCER
It's a dildo that goes beyond the conventional idea of a dildo. A magical sensation that you can enjoy without any electricity. It can be used for vagina, anal, G-spot and vaginal training.

FunFactory Dildo BOUNCER

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●Size: 18 cm
●Made of Silicone
●Made in Germany

販売価格:¥11,000 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02038110

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This is the latest vibe-like dildo that goes beyond the idea of dildos until now. Even though it doesn't use any electricity, you can enjoy it like a vibe. For vagina, anal, G-spot, vaginal training! It's all-around! The secret is the "ball" that goes into the dildo. It rolls around and gives a gentle stimulation to the surroundings. It's indescribable, mysterious, and yet very erotic to use. It's a new "feel-good" experience.

The look is wavy and unique. The world's highest quality silicon is carefully manufactured by our staff in Germany. This dildo has no seams and is smooth, slippery, and comfortable to use. The shape is a little strange. The wave like a pea is sticking to it, and every time I put it in, it's a stimulus that makes me cry out. It's a stimulus that makes you want to cry out. And then...the great thing about this dildo is when you put it in! Even if you don't actually move the dildo, if you put it in and move it in and out a little, or if you move your waist while it's in, the heavy iron balls inside the dildo are in each bulge, one by one, giving you a stimulus that sounds like it's vibrating from the inside. It's a ... it's a strange feeling.

The vagina, of course, but perhaps, as the creative minded will soon be able to pin down, the anus!!!!! It's perfect!!!!! It stimulates the prostate and so on, and men can also enjoy it.
And as you can see, it also stimulates the vaginal muscles, so you can train them. It feels good, it's fun, it's even more trainable. This is a new idea of a dildo that was not likely to be around before.
Also, the bottom of the dildo is made of a material that sticks to tiles, so it can be used to ride on the floor as is... We can expect a variety of ways to enjoy it.

The length is 18cm and is exquisite. The dildo of FunFactory that took a questionnaire to various sexes and chose the best size. All the staff of Love Peace Club recommend it with confidence!

*Please don't use anal and vagina at the same time.

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