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RianneS Ana's Trilogy Set 1
This set is a must-have product for those important days when you are spending adult time with your loved ones. The chic violet red color is the Rianne S color.


RianneS Ana's Trilogy Set 1

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Eye Mask
●aterial: Satin
●Length: 1500mm in length, 70mm in width
●Length: 210mm in length
Lip rotor
●Length: 80mm in length, 25mm in diameter
●Weight (including batteries): 34g
●Specifications of one AAA battery
Nipple Clamp
●Material: Stainless steel/acrylic beads
●Length: 65mm in length
●Weight: 5g each

販売価格:¥5,940 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04090188

Points obtained: 270 LPC Points

It's the introduction of the adult chic fetish set from Rianne S based in the Netherlands.

The box is a little larger than the palm of your hand. These four fetish goods are packed in a high quality box...
Before you open the box, take a breath and feel a sense of elation that makes you swallow your mouth involuntarily.
Just thinking about what you can do with the goods inside makes my heart pound and my heart rise.

When you gently open the box, the first thing that catches your eye is a jet-black eye mask.
The eye mask has the words "BLIND TRUST" written on it.
It seems to symbolize the beginning of a relationship between two people. The slightly taut satin eye mask firmly obscures your vision.

Underneath the eye mask are purple feathers in Rianne colors. From the neck to the back, stroke with the tips of your wings, stroking and tickling them gently.
The feathers can be pulled with a little more force, but it's okay. Even if it gets under the body during play and you accidentally pull on it, it will not come off.

Underneath are two rows of goodies.
One is a rotor with a lip shape. It's so similar in size and weight that you could mistake it for a real lip. But even though it's the size of a palm, the vibration is strong and firm. I'm glad it runs on a single AAA battery.

And the other is the nipple clamps.
The nipple clamps, which sparkle with small blue beads, have a bit of weight to them, and they have plenty of presence.
Slowly, I can tighten up both strongly and weakly...I feel like I'm going to be tightened up with a force that is different from my will. And every time the beads swayed...

The Rianne S Ana's Trilogy Set I will turn their world into a deeper, more erotic time.
We hope you have a wonderful evening with your favorite partner.

The brand is Rianne S, which is based in the Netherlands.
In 2003, we began thorough research and study, and in 2010, we began full-scale operations.
Of course, the founder, Ryan, is a woman!
Calling Prand's products "sexual accessories,
We are bringing out fashionable and quality toys to the world.
It is a brand of attention now that is also published in the magazine ELLE, etc. overseas.

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