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A sex toy first! A scented toy. The scent of roses kneaded into silicone lasts semi-permanently and relaxes the mind and body!



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●Material: Body-safe ABS
●Finish: Silky soft-touch
●Size: 7.5x3.6x2.5cm/2.9x1.4x1in Weight: 42g / 1.5oz
●Battery: 300mAh
●Charging: 2h
●User Time: 4h
●StandbyTime: 90days Max. Sound Level: <50dB

販売価格:¥18,370 (tax included)
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A first in the history of sex toys! This is a scented toy using a technology that mixes the scent with silicon. This toy stimulates not only the sensation of vibration, but also our five senses with its relaxing aroma.

Designed to be more beautiful, more powerful, and more "it doesn't look like it"... Lilly 2 is a striking scent that will leave you in the moment, whether you're enjoying it alone or having sex with your partner. to liven things up.
Eight different vibe patterns range from gentle feather-touch vibrations to a strong, electric You can select up to a pattern. Whether you've never used a toy before or you've used many different types of toys, you'll be pleased with this feature! . And it's completely waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower.
I was wondering if the vibrator had a scent on it, but when I held the vibrator in my hand and moved it around, it seemed to soften the atmosphere softly.
When you sniff the vibrator directly, you get the impression that it has a strong scent, but as you use it like a normal vibrator, the scent relaxes you without you noticing... Before you know it, you are surrounded by the elegant scent of rose....

LEO, a company that is said to make the most beautiful vibrators in the world, first made them in 2003 when it was founded. was LILY. The beautifully designed vibrator was revolutionary at the time, as it conformed to the curves of the body.
The first company to sell LELO in Japan was Love Peace Club, and I remember that just by displaying LELO in the showroom, I felt that the image of "sex toy" was going to change completely.
Twelve years have passed since then. Now that the function of vibrators has evolved and there are many different designs available, the design of LELO has become something special and new. This is no longer the case. It has become a given that the sex toys used by women have excellent features and design.
What's surprising is that LELO made a remake of LILY for 2016, LILY2 This is what it was all about. Rather than choosing the path of eccentric designs and continuing to focus on function, LELO dared to return to its roots. .
It's simple and basic, completely waterproof and covered in a scent that no one has ever done before.
We are confidently recommending it as a gift or as your first toy.

※The fragrance is kneaded into silicone. The fragrance is semi-permanent.
【LELOFor customers who have purchased】
You can download the product manual from the LELO official website.
If you have lost the manual, please click here.
The LELO comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
If the product malfunctions within one year of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge.
We ask that you keep the delivery note we send you with the product as we will need it for this purpose.

• To turn on, push the button on the right above the LELO logo. It should start vibrating straight away. Then, to adjust the power, hold the right hand button to increase and the left button to decrease.
• Cycle through the settings by pressing the button on the right and holding it down for 2 seconds. The vibration will change when you release the button. Pressing the left button once on any mode will revert you straight to continuous vibration mode.
• To turn it off, press the left button to decrease the power all the way, and then hold for 2 seconds. It will turn off when you release the button.
• To lock LILYTM 2 simply hold the buttons together until the light turns off. To re-activate and turn on, hold the buttons together until the light turns on.
• To use as part of sex, nestle it against the most sensitive intimate area and then invite a partner to join. The pressure and vibrations will be applied pleasurably to both partners during sex.

Using the ideas

I wondered what it smelled like! I was looking forward to it, but when I actually touched it and put my face close to it, I was like, what? But when I touch it and hold it close to my face, it smells so normal. It smells like a normal aroma. Silicone doesn't have any smell to begin with, but it smells gentle and fluffy. When you put your face close to the silicone, it seems to have a strong scent, but when you use it, or move it around, it smells really nice. And it's like a fluffy, gentle scent around you. I would keep it by my bedside as an air freshener even after using it.
LILY2 is very comfortable with its exquisite curves.
It's a great for your waist, neck and buttocks...and of course your vagina! You can enjoy the LILY2 as it gently massages your vagina. (Staff Hachi)

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FAQ about products

Q What is the difference between NEA2 and NEA2? A The NEA2 and LILY2 function exactly the same: 8 different vibes, fully waterproof and USB charging. And the shape is exactly the same.
The function is the same, the shape is the same, the size is the same, of course, but the feel in your hand is completely different.
The NEA2 is slippery and the LILY2 is more moist to the touch.
LILY2 uses the latest technology in aromatherapy-infused silicone, while NEA2 is made of the highest quality ABS resin that is safe for your body.
The quietness of the sound, the power of the sound, and the beautiful design of the Toy are both hard to beat.
Q How do you wash it? A It is completely waterproof and can be washed under running water. It is recommended to use a special cleaner for Toy to sterilize it more effectively.
Q Can I use lotion? A Of course you can use it, because LILY2 is made of silicone, so you can't use silicone-based lotions. Use a water-soluble lotion without.

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