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Buoy Love Saver C-Ring
This is the cutest cock ring I've ever seen! It's the cutest thing ever... a cute little "love saver" that fits on your penis and saves couples who are struggling with sustainability!

Buoy Love Saver C-Ring

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●Material: Silicon
●Size: 50 mm in length / 30 mm in diameter of the ring
●Weight: 14g

販売価格:¥2,343 (tax included)
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We've never seen such a cute ring! Even our staff, who have seen many different types of toys in the past, were amazed.
The package is in the shape of a sailor, the ring is in the shape of a float, and it even comes with an original badge!
It looks like a nice miscellaneous item, but yes, it's a "cock ring". It's an item you put on your penis to increase its staying power.
Cock rings are mainly worn by men.
So inevitably, the designs are often chic and simple, such as black and silver.
Such a pop and cute design that is the opposite of the cock ring standard!
Yes, we've been waiting for something like this! No matter how much the product is geared towards men, if it's time to have sex, it should be used as a couple.
It's nice to go for coolness, but sometimes, women need to have fun with these products too!
A partner wearing a floatation device with "Love Saver" written on it... as cute as it is, as funny as it is...
I'm excited just to imagine it.

Of course, the Love Saver isn't just about design.
The inner diameter is 3cm, which is smaller than other cock rings, making it easier to fit any penis.
The material is high quality silicone. The silicone is very resilient, although it does stretch a bit when pulled by hand.
This makes it easier to tighten the penis, get blood pumping, get an erection, and stay hard for a long time.
And it is super light at 14g! You can enjoy sex without feeling discomfort even if you piston.

A "love saver" for couples struggling with staying power!
The design is hard to recognize as an adult product, so it makes a great gift.

Using the ideas

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about cock rings! People are saying, "I want that thing that fits on my penis! That's right, a cock ring is a great thing that you can put on your penis and keep it feeling good for a long time!
Recommendation of the cock ring

1. "Increasing Erections.
2. "Increased staying power.
3. "Preventing condom loss

Of course, it's also a great gift for men! Use it with them during sex!

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