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Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks
This is a unique sex how-to book for girls, written from the author's sex experience. The book covers a wide range of topics from how to ask a girl out to having sex with a toy.

Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

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●Language: English
●The book has 294 pages.
●Author:Jen Sincero

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From the word "how-to books about sex", many people will think of pictures and text that introduce to be fun to have sex like this though, in this book, Jen Sincero's narrative style is a rare type of how to book.
From her own experience, "Try it this way!" or "This is how you ask a girl out!" and and other interesting stories.

The book includes information on how to use Toy and how to choose, as well as the author's recommended dildo.

The author is a unique woman who is a musician, comedian and writer.
The first time I felt sexualized was when I was seven years old, for a girl I'd known since childhood.
Starting such a episode, her frank sex talk is interesting and draws you in.
From the mechanics of a woman's orgasm to techniques based on her failures, and more.

The section describing positions and other information includes a picture of a cute Barbie doll.
The book also features the voices of women of various ages (their concerns and opinions), which may make this book more accessible to you!
Full of real feelings! How about a more fun sex life with "Sex How-To Books for Girls"?

※Full text in English

table of contents
1.The joy of Sex with Chiks
2.Curiosity Didn't Kill the Pussy ; It Only Made Her Stronger
3.The Super-Huge Importance of Sticking Your Hand
4.Obtaining a Visitor's Pass
5.Gettin' Some 101
6.Oh My God, She Wants Me to Eat Her Pussy!
7.Pandra's Toybox : Advanced Gettin' Some
8.And Boy Makes Three!
9.Pussywhipped, or Going Back to Boyville?

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