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Find and stimulate your G-spot every time with adjustable G-Kii! Choose the perfect angle to suit your unique body shape, and discover G-spot orgasm pleasure in total comfort.



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●Material: Silicone (no phthalates)
●100% water-proof
●Rechaegeable via magnetic recharging clip
●5 power levels and 7 different pulse patterns
●Noise level:small★☆☆☆big
●Brand: Je Joue(London)

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You've finally done it!

The long-awaited new version of the G-Ki, with one more "i" in its name, is called G-Kii.
All along at the Love Peace Club, we've been pushing hard for designers from the brand Je Joue.
"Hurry up and get the new G-Kii out!!!!"
That's because of the immense popularity of the old version.
G-Kii is a vibe that thoroughly responds to the voice of women who want to find the G-spot!
And when you hear the keyword "G-spot", our staff can confidently recommend this vibe.

Just as each person's body and the way they feel are different, the location and range of the G-spot is also different for each person.
Also, the angle and length of the vagina is different.
It's hard to find a vibe that fits each woman's unique body perfectly.
The G-Kii solves the problem of finding a vibe by changing its shape.
Yes, you can customize the G-Kii to your liking!

It's not difficult to customize it at all.
Simply press the button at the base of the G-Kii and adjust the angle of the vibe with your hand.
The old version had a loud vibe when adjusting this angle.
It wasn't flimsy by any means, but it was certainly a bit of a worrying sound.

But this new G-Kii is very smooth to adjust the angle.
Also, the range of adjustments has been increased, such as straightening and rounding to a U-shape.
So you can use it as a regular vibrator, or you can use it as a U-shaped vibrator to stimulate your vagina and clitoris at the same time!

The old G-Kii hit the G-spot, but the vibration was weak...that was the problem.
And now, in response to a lot of customer feedback, the vibration has been made very, very strong.
Maybe the clitoris alone will feel good!
G-spot and clitoral stimulation... if you like those two, I want everyone to have them!

It's hard to tell where the G-spot is if you're not aware of it on a regular basis, but if you search for it with your belly, you're sure to find a spot that makes you feel good.
The G-spot is a place where you can feel more and more comfortable when you know how to feel it...and where you can feel more and more comfortable when you are aware of it...that is the G-spot.

If you don't know, you can just leave it at that... but I want you to be more interested in your body and feel good about it!
The G-Kii will be a great assistant to help you enjoy your body more and more.

The G-Kii is very simple to use.
It's rechargeable, but it's not the type that you plug in, it's just a simple thing that you stick on with a magnet.
It is completely waterproof, so it can be washed in water.
It's convenient because it's easy to wash with your body without thinking, even after you've enjoyed using a lot of lotion.

One year warranty included.
If a defect occurs within a year, please feel free to contact us.

It's a must try!
Strong, I recommend it!

*It is a USB rechargeable product. If you prefer to charge directly from an electrical outlet, please purchase a USB adapter.

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