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Beginner's Set 2
RianneS' classic vibrator comes in a very stylish pouch that is safe to use even for beginners. It's also small and can be used as a rotor. This set includes a lotion to increase sensitivity!


Beginner's Set 2

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●[RianneS] Classique Vibrator Classic Vibrator
●Material: Silicon (main body)ABS resin (dry cell part)-Total length: 125mm- Maximum diameter: 30mm (tip part: 25mm)
●Dry cell: AA battery x 1 -
●Vibe pattern: 7 types - Life ●waterproof - With pouch -
●Brand: RianneS (Netherlands)-
●Country of production: China

●Organic G-spot gel Sampler
●Ingredients: Purified water, propanediol, PEG-16, macadamia glyceride, phenoxyethanol, triethanolamine, acrylate/C10-30 alkyl acrylate, crosspolymer, menthyl lactate, polysorbate 20, ethylhexyl glycerin, arginine HCL, wolfberry fruit extract (organic), lemongrass extract (organic), aloe vera leaf extract (organic).
●Volume: 3ml
●Country of production: Canada

●Organic Clitoris Gel Strong  Sampler
●Ingredients: Purified water, propanediol, polysorbate 20, hydroxyethylcellulose, phenoxyethanol, peppermint oil, witch hazel extract, arginine HCL, wolfberry fruit extract (organic), lemongrass extract (organic), aloe vera leaf extract (organic), menthyl lactate, ethylhexylglycerin, citric acid.
●Volume: 3ml
●Country of production: USA


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I understand how it feels to be unsure of what to choose for your first toy.How it moves and how it feels is an unknown world, isn't it?
I've made a set of toys and lotions that I want to use for such toy beginners!
It also comes with a lotion so you can use it the same day it arrives.
Let's take a quick look at the contents of the set.

This toy is the" [RianneS] Classic Vibrator", which I want people to use for the first time.
First of all, take a look at this cute and stylish pouch!Who would have guessed that a toy would be in this pouch?
It's the kind of cuteness you want to have in your bedroom, in your bag, on your vanity, anywhere.RianneS, a brand launched by a single female designer, pursues women's feeling and comfort.This is a stylish lip type vibe that is easy for women to hold like a cosmetic.

When you pick it up, you'll see that it's very functional and aesthetically pleasing.The handle is die-cut and has a non-slip effect to prevent it from slipping out.The part that hits the body directly is made of high-grade silicone, and the texture is so springy that you can press it with your fingers.The material is smooth and non-sticky.It's soft to the touch and feels like it's going to go down well with your skin.

Of course, operation is also simple!Click the button to start the vibration.Simple and minimalist vibes like this often have only one to three vibration patterns, but this lip vibe has seven levels of vibration! This lip vibe is equipped with 7 levels of vibration!It's as thick as three fingers, so you can use it to stroke or hit sensitive areas, or of course, to insert it・・・.This is the vibe that you want to use for a long time as an item that you can find a good feeling with this one.

Convenient battery-operated, so you don't have to worry about the vibration starting on its own once you remove the battery.
It can also be washed quickly and thoroughly. (Please remove the batteries when washing)

The brand is based in the Netherlands, where Rianne S.
In 2003, we began thorough research and study, and in 2010, we began full-scale operations.
Of course, the founder, Ryan, is a woman!
The brand's products are referred to as "sexual accessories," and they bring fashionable, quality toys to the world.
It is a brand of attention now that is also published in the magazine ELLE, etc. overseas.

【How to use it】
1. press the (〜) button for 0.5 seconds to start the vibration.
2.Press the (〜) button for 3 seconds to stop the vibration.
3.Pressing the (〜) button during the vibration changes the vibration pattern.

I hope you can understand how easy this toy is to use and how gentle it is to the body.If the first toy you use hurts or is too big, you may feel weak and scared of the toy. If the first toy you use is too big or too painful, you will feel weak and afraid of the toy.
Because it's the first time, we want you to choose a Toy that is safe for your body and mind.

Well, toy alone is pleasant enough, but at Love Peace Club, we recommend using lotion together.
Since it is used for sensitive areas, it has the role of protecting the body, but most of all, it makes you feel more comfortable.
This time, we've included a lotion that uses up all the time and also raises the sensitivity.

First of all, here is the "Organic Clitoris Gel Strong".
An organic gel that makes your clitoris feel more comfortable and sensitive.
A lotion that uses natural ingredients and organic extracts in a luxurious way.
No preservatives such as parabens, animal glycerin or DEA.

A gel to massage the clitoris in a slow, wriggling, engulfing way.This way, your clitoris is going to be much, much more sensitive than usual and you're going to feel like more and more.
There are two types of gels. They both have exactly the same ingredients, but the ingredients are subtly different, with Gentle being a gentler stimulus and Strong being a more rapid and intense stimulus.
There is no menthol to irritate the skin, only natural ingredients and ingredients that are safe for the body, allowing for adequate stimulation and congestion of the clitoris.You can also have oral sex and use it with condoms or other rubber.
It is a lotion that is easy on the environment, animals, humans, vagina and clitoris and feels good.

The feeling that my clitoris is really tingling.
I would recommend the gentle one for those with weak skin.
Please refrain from using this product if you are pregnant or have an STD.

What do you think? It is a lotion that increases the sensitivity of the clitoris, a spot that many women feel.
The other spot is the organic G-spot gel, which is a lotion that increases the sensitivity of the G-spot.
This lotion is made with natural ingredients and organic extracts in a luxurious way.
No preservatives such as parabens, animal glycerin or DEA.

It is designed for women who have never had an orgasm like the one they feel in their vagina.There is a place in the vagina called the "G-spot" and it is said that finding it and stimulating it will help you to orgasm more easily.
To do so, you need to know exactly where your G-spot is.First, sit down on a sofa or other comfortable place and put your finger in the vagina and explore the navel side of the vagina.Obviously, there are going to be spots where the feeling here is different from the others. That's the G-spot.
To help you find this G-spot more easily, there's this gel.It deepens the feeling of the skin, elicits subtle sensations and deep arousal. Put a small pearl grain on your finger and put it inside the vagina and touch the vaginal wall (navel side). In doing so, you'll find where you feel the most.

*Do not use during pregnancy as it may cause forced arousal. Do not use this product during menstruation or when your immune system is compromised. Do not use it if you feel itchy.
*You can use it with a condom without any problem. However, to stimulate the G-spot, the penis cannot be stimulated unless the body position is devised. You can also use your partner's finger to explore the G-spot.

Toy and lotion set to raise the sensitivity is very easy, bring fun to our life!
And if you buy it as a set, it's a great deal.

【RianneS】Classique Vibrator Classic Vibrator 5,400 yen (tax included)
(Choose from sequins, rainbows or studs)
Organic G-spot gel Sampler x 2 ¥820
Organic Clitoris Gel Strong Sampler x 2 ¥820
The regular price of 7,040 yen is only 5,700 yen for the set price!

There are 3 types of porches! You can choose one according to your taste!
I can put them all in my pouch and take them on a quick trip.
Let's start with this set to get you started!

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