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ZALO FanFan bright red
Couple Toys with Remote Control & App. It vibes between the clitoris and G-spot. It's the ideal toy to enjoy sex with a partner who is prone to breaking off.


ZALO FanFan bright red

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●Material:Dow Corning food-level silicone
●Size:84 x 42 x 33mm(Vibrator) 64 x 64 x 24 mm(controller) ●Weight:41g(Vibrator) 51g(controller)
●Max Noize Level:160MHZ <40dB
●Battery and power: built-in Li-lon 120mAh; USB charging for 2-4 hours pleasure
●Stimulation mode:8 stimulation modes,4 scene modes,3 custom modes,Music follower mode,flirt mode
●Stimulation level: 8
●Water proof grade IPX7, water resistant
●1-Year Warranty
●Made in China
●With Satin storage pouch

販売価格:¥22,000 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090982

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ZALO, the first sweet Lolita toy brand in the world of sex toys, is based on the theme of Versailles. A beautiful toy brand inspired by dreamy, sweet, nectar-filled gardens, ZALO is great not only for its design, but for its attention to detail, technology and ease of use. What's more, all the toys are wrapped up like treasures in a beautiful box. A toy made from a princess's point of view.

It is an excellent vibe that can insert both a penis and a dildo while stimulating the clitoris. And it comes with a remote control! Of course, it is recommended to use a penis or a dildo with a couple, but there are many ideas that you can also enjoy alone. The V-shaped vibe is now the most popular shape in the world. Place the slender one inside and the larger one outside so that it touches the clitoris. The surface to be applied to the clitoris is plump, and it vibrates as if it wraps the clitoris. There are 8 types of vibration strength. It can be finely adjusted from a gentle feather touch to a strong tremor.

ZALO's unique design has also been applied to the insertion part. With the toy in, more penises and dildos are inserted, but there are grooves on the surface to make it easier to insert. This way, it's easier to get inside and you can enjoy it with ease, even with a larger sized penis. In addition, the vibe is designed to hit the G-spot exactly where it should. The clitoris and the G spot also vibrate to pinch when the V is settled in the just right position. It feels good enough on its own, but even more so when a penis or dildo enters, it seems to deepen the sense of fulfillment. You don't have to do piston work, just flirt slowly and enjoy the vibrations. If your partner has a tendency to break off, this toy will relieve you of the pressure and allow you to enjoy yourself slowly, and you may even find yourself in a new world of sex! When you are not using this toy with your partner, we recommend you to take it alone, sandwich the G-spot and clitoris and enjoy the path of orgasm slowly.

What's amazing about FanFan is that it has a motor on the clitoral side and a motor on the insertion side to make different movements. This is something you don't find in many other V-shaped vibes. A total of eight patterns, including one that moves together and one that alternates rhythmically. You can choose the pattern that you feel that day and enjoy it. The FanFan also comes with a remote control. The pattern of the vibe can also be chosen with the main body, but detailed settings such as strength and weakness can be operated with the remote control.

The "ZALO" mark on the center of the remote control, this is the start button. The ZALO mark is a switch with a vibe pattern. Pressing the right button makes it stronger, and pressing the left button makes it weaker. It's a very simple operation. And the great thing about this remote control is that it is rechargeable. The main body of the vibrator is a rechargeable type, and the remote control is a battery, so the FANFAN is also a breakthrough in this respect. And what's even more amazing! If you free download the official ZALO application on your smart phone, you can also operate the device with the built-in Bluetooth! Operate sensationally on your smart phone screen. It is divided into four main functions. (1) The "Classic Model" has eight different waveform vibrations, and the vibe pattern is displayed on the screen in a graph-like appearance that is easy to understand. 2) "Music model" is a fun function that vibrates according to the rhythm of the music on hand that enters the smart phone. 3) "Scene mode" is a pattern that imaged an amusement park, a sandy beach, the inside of a car, and a club. It would be so much fun to actually use it in such a fun leisure scene! In addition, you can create your own vibe patterns from the scene mode and save up to 3 of them. And finally, the fourth "provocation model" is linked to the finger that touches the screen of the smartphone. When you trace the screen, the vibrator reacts with a "buzz". The sensation of being able to feel a person's fingertips realistically even though it's a vibrator...it's as if it's being manipulated...a new sensuality. If your partner manipulates you with the vibrator inserted, you will feel their fingering through the vibrator and get throbbing. The size that fits in the palm of your hand, this function, and the design! It's a vibe that can't be said enough. It's a small size, so even beginners can confidently recommend it. ZALO also delivers every toy, one by one, in a box like a jewelry box. A state-of-the-art toy that gives you a dreamy orgasm in a dreamy box, this is the perfect gift for your anniversary or for yourself.

Using the ideas

Couple Toys is a hands-on activity for couples, but you can also use it by yourself! It's also fun to play to your favorite rhythms and music with a controller in hand. That's right, this ZALO toy is compatible with smartphone apps. You may think, "I don't need an app because I have a controller! You may think that you don't need an app, but you can use various functions such as a mode to vibrate to your favorite music. It is equipped with. It even calculates calorie consumption, which is a handsome maiden's best friend (staff).

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FAQ about products

Q Can I use lotion with it?     A Yes. We invite you to join us for a lotion that will amplify the feeling of the rotor many times over and further protect your skin! Please use it to We recommend a water based lotion. It is a silicone product and should not be used in conjunction with silicone lotions.
Q How does it work?   A   Put the plump and thicker one on your clitoris and the thinner one inside. When you insert your penis together, the vibrator will move, so you don't have to do any strenuous exercise to have an orgasm. You can get it. Be sure to use lotion at first! If you don't use lotion, it may hurt. If you apply it liberally, it will diminish the feeling of having Toy in it.

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