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ZALO Baby Heart strawberry pink
The most adorable rotor by ZALO! Enjoy the most advanced features such as the smartphone-linked function and rich vibe pattern, and the most advanced toy!


ZALO Baby Heart strawberry pink

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●Material: Dow Corning food-level silicone, 18K gold plating (metal part)
●Max Noize Level:130MHZ <40dB
●Battery and power: built-in Li-lon 130mAh; USB charging for 2-4 hours pleasure
●Stimulation mode:8 stimulation modes,4 scene modes,3 custom modes,Music follower mode,flirt mode
●Stimulation level: 8
●Water proof grade IPX7, water resistant
●1-Year Warranty
●Made in China
●With Satin storage pouch

販売価格:¥11,000 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090984

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ZALO, the first Sweet Lolita Toy brand in the sex toy world, is ZALO The theme is Versailles. A beautiful toy brand inspired by a dreamy, beautiful, sweet, honey-filled garden! ZALO is not only great in terms of design, but also in terms of technology and comfort. . Moreover, every toy is wrapped up like a treasure in a beautiful box. This toy was made from the viewpoint of Versailles and with a princess attitude.

Baby Heart has a different presence from the Toy box. It looks like it could be filled with fluffy, fuzzy cotton candy... The oval white box is filled with The sweet Lolita-style room is designed in the style of Toy's world. The box alone is so cute and charming. To avoid destroying this worldview, I carefully and gently open the box and... " Oooooh ♡♡♡♡♡♡". A dainty rotor I've never seen before.

This heart-shaped rotor is fluffy like a marshmallow or a macaroon. The soft pale white color is eye-catching. There's an 18k gold plated chain on the tip, so you can pick it up easily by twisting it around your finger. It is. The series of actions to twirl the chain and pick it up instead of grabbing it also looks dainty and lovely  ♡.
When you gently pick it up, it feels like a baby's skin, as the name suggests, with its high quality, body-safe silicone. It's smooth and silky smooth. It's so comfortable that you'll want to rub your cheeks.
It's such a dainty, delicate and delicate rotor. As for the function, does it not look like the face? It has amazing high-tech functions. Anyway, the vibe is amazing.

First of all, click the "m" button in the center of the unit, and then click the button with a single click. Start by pressing the button. As a sign that it's starting up, a heart-shaped light shines around the "m" in the shape of "fluffy♡Fluffy♡". Click on the "m" button again, and the vibe finally starts.
You can see a pattern of evenly spaced vibrations or a pattern of changing vibrations like going up and down stairs repeatedly. There are a total of eight types of vibrating vibrators, such as the one that is attached, and the one that continues to vibrate with "boooooooooooooo". You can choose the vibe pattern. The vibrations are quite detailed and even tickling if you use a weaker vibe, but the low-pitched It's also powerful enough to make you feel like you're in the pit of your stomach. Delicate yet powerful ♡.
You can try to hit the face, you can pinpoint the heart mountain to a comfortable spot, or you can aim the nipples along the valley of the heart...you'll be numb to the dizzying pleasure.

Of course, you can choose more than just the vibrating pattern. With the buttons on the left and right side of the "m", you can adjust the intensity of the vibration in 8 different levels.
In addition, although the vibration of the low sound vibe is powerful, it is designed to be quiet at 40dB. It is very quiet, so even if your family is next to you, they won't notice you under the covers. Level.

Well. Here's the fun part! This rotor, you can download the official ZALO app on your smartphone for free and You can also operate it in conjunction with the main body's built-in Bluetooth!
You can operate it sensibly on your smartphone screen. There are four main functions.
①The "Classic Model" has eight different waveforms of vibrations, and the vibe pattern has a graph-like appearance. It is displayed on the screen in an easy-to-understand manner.
②The "Music Model" is a fun feature that vibes to the rhythm of your music on your phone ! Apparently it responds to the bass, and sometimes it didn't respond to quiet music, so I was in a DJ mood. Please be selective with your music!
③Scene Mode is a pattern inspired by an amusement park, sandy beach, car interior, and club. It would be great fun to use it in a fun and exciting leisure scene like this! Furthermore, you can create your own vibrator pattern from the Scene Mode and save up to 3 patterns! You can do this.
And finally, the fourth and final model (4), the "provocation model," works with your finger that touches the screen of your phone. When you touch the screen, the rotor reacts with a "buzz". Even though it's a rotor, you can feel a person's fingertips in real life. A new kind of sensuality. If your partner manipulates you when you slipped it into your underwear, you'll be able to feel your partner's I feel the fingering and I'm thrilled.

It's waterproof, so maintenance is easy!
Lolita and sweet image, and high functionality without having to take the best of both worlds. This rotor is a new type of rotor. It looks like another new path for Toy has been opened up!
Both debuting Toy's and advanced users who already have a number of rotors will be happy with this one! I'm sure you can get it!

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FAQ about products

Q Can I use lotion with you?     A Yes. Please use a lotion to protect your skin and make the rotor feel even better. We recommend a water-based lotion. Since this is a silicone product, it should not be used in conjunction with silicone lotions.
Q What do I do with the chain?   A  Wrapping the chain around your finger not only looks great, but also has the advantage of increasing the clamping force and making the rotor easier to hold. In addition, you can enjoy the unexpected stimulation that the hanging chain touches your thighs.

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