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The mysterious shape like a manta ray is ergonomically designed to fit wherever you touch! The LED lights up during use to help you play in the dark! Stylish black color accentuates it.



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●Material: Silicon, ABS resin
●Length: 95mm
●Width 90 mm
●30 mm thick.
●Weight: 57g
●Sound: Small ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Large
●Rechargeable: USB charging (please charge for 2 hours on the first use to make full charge)
●Vibe strength: 6 levels
●Vibe pattern: 8 types
●Fully waterproof
●Made in China
●With the original toy sack.

販売価格:¥16,500 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01091011

Points obtained: 750 LPC Points

In recent years, technological innovation and design improvements in the toy industry have been remarkable, but this new toy has also taken us by surprise.
This stylish toy with the motif of "the creature" is easy to use even in the hands of small women, and is finally, finally in stock!

The square box with the toy in it has a neat black color scheme that would make a great gift for any gender or age. With heightened anticipation, I took off the lid with the ribbon handle, and there it was! This form that I had seen before, swimming leisurely in the ocean...yes, a manta ray!
I've never seen such a toy before, it's a completely new design. This unique shape is not just a quirky one.
Based on ergonomics, Toy's new possibilities and comfort are thoroughly explored. It's the result of a well-calculated design.

The first thing that surprised me when I picked it up was how thin it was, making it easy to hold in a woman's hand. The fins on the left and right are about 1 millimeter at the tip! Try using these fins on your body as if you were stroking cream on a cake.
This toy goes great with the lotion. Put a lot of lotion on it and put it on the place you want to feel good...it's like being licked with the tip of your tongue!
It feels like I'm having oral sex. When you stroke the sensitive parts such as clitoris and nipples with her fins, you will feel a very erotic pleasure.

MIMIC's characteristic thinness and smooth form, which makes it easy to fit to the skin, is also perfect for pressing the entire surface to cover or envelop the area that feels good.
Covering from clitoris to vagina, from vagina to anus, covering the breast around the nipple...
It wraps up the sensitive part of you in the delicate vibrations. It's a velvety soft, dense and smooth silicone, so it feels great when you press it against your skin.

It's also very easy to operate! There are 3 switches, and the round hollow part between the "+" and "-" is the power switch. There are eight different vibe patterns in total. Turn it on immediately!
The vibe pattern starts with "STEADY VIBRATION" which maintains a constant "buzz" and changes with each press of the switch.
THROB is a throbbing vibration, QUIVER is a faster throbbing vibration than THROB, CHANDELLE is a flame-like vibration, SURGE is like a surging wave, CARESS is a wave-like vibration that slowly changes every nine vibrations, FONDLE is a caress with a rhythm of lurching and falling, and TRUE PULSE is a throbbing and pulsing vibration.
There really is a lot of variation.

Many of the recent toys have a wide variety of vibe patterns, but with the MIMIC, you're sure to find your favorite vibe because every vibe pattern has a distinct personality.

The strength of the vibe is controlled by the "+" and "-" switches on the left and right of the power supply. There are 6 levels of intensity. And best of all, it's so quiet that you don't even know you're using it.
I tried it out and flipped the switch under my company desk. I looked at the coworker sitting next to me, not noticing them at all. She was surprised when I told her that I had turned it on!
If you're worried about your family's eyes, this will work for you!
It's a fine and gentle vibe, so if you like strong and powerful vibrations, you may find it a little lacking. However, there aren't many women who think that the vibrations are as intense as men think they are.
Moreover, the silicone is soft enough that it doesn't hurt even if you press it against it, so you can adjust it by pressing it a little harder when it starts to rise.

And why didn't you think of this before? We often use the toy in the dark or under the covers.
When that happens, you may not know where the toy is, or you may not know the switch.
There is no worry about such a disgusting situation that the light of the room is turned on in the end. This kind of detailed idea is very important for the user. It also comes with a travel lock, making it easy to carry around.
The MIMIC is available in two colors. This is a chic black color that is reminiscent of a deep and wide ocean.

The stylish Manta Toy "MIMIC" will bring you the pleasure of drifting in the middle of the ocean!

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