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ZALO Confidence
Toy is the key to opening the world of magic," Swarovski and gold shine on this cute electroscope that couldn't be cuter. The fantastical design is like stepping out of a fairytale.


ZALO Confidence

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●Rechargeable:USB cable (12 hours charge for the first time to keep 2-4 hours use)
●Warming function
●Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
●splash proof
●Made in China

販売価格:¥8,800 (tax included)
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The first sweet toy brand "ZALO" in the world of sex toys. I'm sure many of you have fallen in love with these dreamy, beautiful, honey-filled, cute toys based on the theme of "Versailles," but ZALO is just like bags and shoes - you can't help but think, "What is this? It's so cute! I want it! He has created a toy that makes you think, "Oh, my God.
And this time too, ZALO has released a toy that you can't help but fall in love with at first sight!

The theme for this year's event is "Sweet Magic".
Under the slogan of "Toy is the key to open the world of magic," this fantastic series of designs is based on the theme of magic.
Dazzling gold, Swarovski sparkles in the center, and a combination of circles and hearts on the handle.
Exactly! The design of the magic stick that all the fighting girls had when they were kids!
Of course, because ZALO pays attention to every detail, the main body is not the only thing to see.
Even more noteworthy is the packaging. The cylindrical case, which is unusual for Toy, is decorated with a delicate and beautiful stained glass-like pattern.
Planetary symbols such as the moon, Venus, and Mercury associated with fighting girls, and fantastical illustrations of angels, mermaids, and centaurs.
The elaborate, world-viewing packaging is so beautiful that you want to decorate it, and you can feel ZALO's commitment.

Above all, what I would like to recommend ZALO for is that their products are made from the perspective of women who use toys.
In addition to design, functionality and ease of use have been well thought out from a woman's perspective.
Confidence" is an "electric dick", but it is completely different from the existing electric dick that often appears in AV, which is not big and cute in design.
With a length of 225mm and a maximum diameter of 44mm, it is not too small and not too big to be used by one person, just the right size. It weighs 125g and is so light that I don't feel the weight when I'm using it. It's also easy to use when you hit your back or shoulders.
The entire body is covered with silicone that is as smooth as silk to the touch.
Because the head and the handle are understood, there was not an experience such as the hair is caught in the border and the center part which vibrates does not hit the clitoris well while using a normal electric penis? With "Confidence", there is no such annoyance. In addition, the strong vibration is spread evenly throughout the head, so you can enjoy it no matter how you hold it or where you are.
In addition, the head part that hits the body is soft enough to bend easily. It fits any part of your body, from your shoulders and hips to your clitoris.
What's even better is that it has a heat function that warms up to 39 degrees.
Press the switch and wait about three minutes, and it will warm up to human skin temperature. It is said that warmth amplifies a woman's feeling of pleasure, and even with the same vibrator as usual, the warmth makes it feel even better.
It is recommended to use a warmed head to first loosen the stiffness of the body, such as the shoulders and legs. Your body will be more relaxed and your sensitivity will increase!
It has a cute design, but of course, the vibrations are as powerful as those of ordinary electric pricks.
If you set it to the strongest vibration, you can enjoy a powerful vibe that will make you tingle to the core of your body.

The usage is a bit unique.
It's not a button, but a heart in the center of the handle that looks like a lever, and you can operate it by pushing it from the front to the back or from the back to the front!
When you push the heart from the top, the heat function turns on. If the bottom of the heart is flashing orange, it's a sign that the heat function is on, and once it's warmed up to 39 degrees, the heat function automatically turns off, so you don't have to worry about it getting too hot. You don't have to worry about it getting too hot.
We also provide a Japanese instruction manual, so those who are unsure of how to use it can rest assured.

The design is beautifully detailed, has a heat function, and is easy to use and soft. Why is this reasonable price even though it is a perfect toy, whereas the price of previously released ZALO products were all 10,000 yen - 20,000 yen?
There are two reasons.
The first is that the gold plating used is not 24K or 18K. The simple gold plating has enabled us to cut costs in terms of materials.
Secondly, we eliminated the function that can be operated by the smartphone app. We gave top priority to what functions women need when using the toy by themselves, and this time, the product is operated by the main unit only.
It's not that the quality of the product has diminished in comparison to the Versailles and Lolita series.
The beauty of the design, the ease of use from a woman's point of view, and the latest functionality were kept intact, but some parts were cut to make this reasonably priced.

'Confidence' will open up a new world of pleasure.
Please come and experience the magic of a wonderful toy that you can only enjoy now that you are an adult!

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