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Dame Eva2 Green
A couple’s vibrator giving you clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Its flexible wings tuck under your labia for a snug fit.


Dame Eva2 Green

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In 2014, two women living in New York City created a unique toy called "Eva"!

The revolutionary idea of attaching the toy to the clitoris, its stylish design, and the world's first crowdfunding campaign, made it a smash hit around the world.
Eva has become a hot topic of conversation and has been featured in the media.
The Eva has been upgraded and is now available again as "Eva2"!

Some people found the old Eva to be difficult to put on.
It's a very good toy, but if you can't put it on your clitoris properly, you can't show off your true potential...
So, this time, Eva2 has been greatly improved!
By adding a cut to the "wing" part of Eva, which is the key part of the fit, it is now more securely attached to the labia majora than before.
Also, the size has been improved to be even smaller and cuter!

This groundbreaking Eva2 wasn't developed for being weird.
In recent years, sexology has reported that few women orgasm from penetrative sex, however, 30% to 40% of women orgasm from their clitoris.
So the two developers of Eva set out to develop a new toy that would allow women and men to have sex while pursuing the pleasure of the clitoris, but not interfere with the sex.
At the same time as the development, the duo went on a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the development by publicizing their idea online.
Their idea got a lot of support and quickly raised about 100 million yen(!) in Japanese yen. in Japanese yen in no time at all.

Why were their ideas supported so much?

This reason is that it is based on careful research conducted by the two developers, based on sexual science.
To develop it, they surveyed a hetero couple.
So it turns out that among hetero couples, women are four times more likely than men to say that women were not satisfied with sex in the past.
Furthermore, women who have had an orgasm from sex are about 1/2 as likely as men to have had one...a disappointing result.
Yes, what we can see from here is the "gender gap in pleasure".

Reflecting this background, couples' vibrators are selling well all over the world.
(Unfortunately, couples toys are minor and rare in Japan...) 
LPC also sells a lot of couples toys, but the mainstream is a V-shaped vibrator that puts a vibrator in the woman's vagina.
The V-shaped vibrator has been very popular with men who are prone to mid-fall and those who don't like intense piston movement, as it enriches orgasms on the clitoris and deepens the stimulation of men.
However, for men who are prone to feel it, there is a vibrator in their vagina and they have to insert their penis into it, so it's not very nice.

Well, the very popular "Eva2". Let me tell you what's so great about it!
CEO Alexandra is a master's student at Columbia University studying the psychology of sex therapy.
In addition, her business partner, Janet, is an engineer who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Eva was born from the wisdom and passion of them.

No Hands, No Hassle
It's no secret that using vibrators can enhance pleasure, but holding a toy in place can also be distracting, and even counterproductive. Unlike vibrating penis rings, Eva is worn in the vulva, leaving your hands free to support your weight, move around, and focus on intimacy.

More Control
We designed Eva's flexible wings to nestle under your labia for a secure, comfortable fit. Even in adventurous positions, Eva only needs the help of a single finger to stay secure.

Partners Optional
Eva is great for all kinds of play. Use it on your own, or anytime you might want your hands free. However you want to enjoy Eva is the right way to use it!

And finally, the switch is on!
The very fine and delicate vibration that made the clitoris crawl starts.
Eva2 has three levels of vibration.
The strongest viberation is strong enough to be felt by anyone who get used to strong stimulate vibration.

Once the vibrator is attached to your vagina, you can enjoy penetrative sex.
You tow can move your hips slowly, cling tightly, and enjoy the sitting position...♡ You can enjoy sex from various angles (Doggy position is not recommended because Eva2 might fall off).

Someone said that the old type Eva was a bit difficult to fit.
This is because every woman's body is different.
The difficulty was that the strength of the fixation could vary depending on the person's labia majora and the position of the clitoris, etc.

Smaller size, improved holding power by cutting the mounting part.
For those of you who used to have sex while using a rotor together, a toy that is this small, with no obtrusive cables, etc., and can just be placed on your clitoris is pretty rare and new.
Therefore, this Eva2 was created even more comfortable to fit.
Smaller size, improved holding power by cutting the mounting part.
For you all who used to have sex while using a rotor together, a toy that is this small, with no obtrusive cables, etc., and can just be placed on your clitoris is pretty rare and new.

There are three types of vibrations: a weak viberation that is gently fingered, a strong viberation, and a strongest viberation.
The viberation sound is a little bit felt.

Of course, the material is made of the highest level of silicone that can be used safely on the body.
It's also rechargeable, completely waterproof and easy to care for.

What's more, this look!!! 
The new color is viridian green that is easy to be matched with your room.
The Eva2 is the perfect gift for those who are looking for a more stylish and sophisticated look.

Now you know what's great about Eva2.
It's really great. I want you to experience it!
Eva2 refreshes toy's stereotypes and brings us new sex possibilities.

*Please check in a dark place, not in a room light or under the sunlight, because the light that indicates charging is faint. The light that glows when charging is the product itself, so please open the lid of the charging pod to check.
*This product is USB rechargeable. This is a way to charge the battery by connecting it to a computer or other device.
If you are unable to charge the battery using a computer, please use an adapter (selling separately / 540 yen) to convert the battery to an electrical outlet.

Using the ideas

1: Please charge the EVA™ before using it.
2: Place the body over the clitoris with the tip of the EVA™ wing under the vulva. Then put the wing part inside your labia majora.

< Points for EVA™ installation>.
To secure the EVA™ in place, gently wrap the wing part of the EVA™ with your labia.
Everyone has a different posture when using Eva™ that they feel comfortable with. Try several positions, such as lying on your back or standing with your legs slightly open.
The EVA™ feathers are extremely flexible, which is why you can wrap them around your labia majora.
Everyone's experience with EVA™ is different, so we recommend trying out a few positions that you feel comfortable in.

You can control the vibration with a single button. First of all, once you press the button, it will be set to low speed. The more you press, the higher speed gets. To turn off the EVA™, hold the button down.

It's common with all sex toys: they need to be cared for with care and proper care. EVA™ is made of medical silicone, so please be careful when washing.

Store in the included satin bag or similar material bag.
Do not store it with other sex toys. Storage with other material sex toys may result in failure.
Do not store on the product in an extremely cold or hot place.

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FAQ about products

Q Is Eva body safe?     A We believe your vagina deserves top quality! Our product is made of medical grade silicone, the gold standard of sex toy materials. It’s non-porous, easily washable, and hypoallergenic.
Q Is Eva waterproof?       A Eva is water resistant, but we do not test this product in full submersion. It is fully encapsulated in silicone, but that seal is punctured when plugging in the charger for first use.  While this entry point stays fairly small, we do not recommend this product for underwater use.
Q Can I use Eva if there are no 120V outlets where I live?        A Yes.  Eva comes with a USB charging cable, and we've included a 120V AC to 5V DC adapter for your convenience (the same as an iPhone adapter).  If you live in Europe or Asia (or anywhere else with a different line voltage standard), just charge Eva using a USB port or any adapter which goes from your local voltage to 5V 1A DC. 

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