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Dame Pom Plum
A flexible, waterproof vibe. Pom gives you broad or targeted stimulation with its powerful, rumbly motor and five patterns.


Dame Pom Plum

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●Material: Silicone
●Vibration pattern:5
●Vibration intensity: 5
●Complete waterproof
●Manufacturer:DAME products
●Made in CHINA

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"Develop a vibe with crowdfunding!”

Two women from New York City, Janet and Alexandra, have come up with this dreamy plan, and it's a great success.
Janet, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Alexandra, who studied psychology at Columbia University, are two of the most powerful pairings to launch the Dame brand, which has been called "Women make women's things! With this motto, they continue to carefully create toys that are created through careful research for women.

their work has been featured in many media outlets around the world, including the Huffington Post.
It's the toy brand with the most momentum right now.

The Pom, a rotor that fits the palm of a woman's hand and her vagina, has arrived from Dame.
Behind the seemingly simple design, Dame is actually very good at creating gimmicks.
What kind of tricks does Pom have in store for you this time?

Pom bends to your every whim. With no internal body, it’s soft and flexible enough to conform to your hip movements and snuggle close to your vulva.

Pom is ergonomic and small enough to nestle within the palm of your hand. It has tactile, intuitive controls for a confusion-free user experience.

Pom has our most powerful motor yet, and four brand-new patterns to explore. Its continuous intensity controls allow you to discover your perfect speed, or you can choose from five preset intensities for point-and-click pleasure.

What is noteworthy is that as soon as you pick it up, it looks as if it is a custom-made product made just for me! The fit is called.
The size and shape are ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of a small woman's hand.

Unlike insertion vibes, Some of you may be wondering that "is the fit so important to the rotor?". However, the fact that it does not put a burden on the handle and fits into the vagina in a comfortable position is directly related to the feeling good.
What's more, because there is no core in the center of the rotor, it's soft and flexible, and you can adjust the angle and the way to apply it to your vagina as you feel good.

In addition, this time, Dame has a sticky and puffy texture that feels good on your skin.
Until now Dame products have been made of silicon with a smooth surface, but Pom uses soft medical silicone so that it sticks to your skin.
This texture is also great with lotion! Please feel the glutinous touch by all means.

The power switch is located in the egg-shaped hollow.
Instead of clicking briefly, push in long enough for the vibration to start.
To turn off the power, press and hold the button in the same way.
There are five different vibration patterns in total. Click on the power switch to switch over.
There is also a switch on the other side of the power button to switch between strength and weakness. A small round protrusion where the thumb naturally touches the button when gripping is the strength/weakness button.

Now, there are five types of vibration patterns as follows

1. Normal pattern that continues to vibrate in small increments (Start from here)
2. Wave-like pattern
3. Rhythmic pattern with strong accents of laxity
4. A pattern that runs up the slope and then stomps down.
5. A pattern that continues to vibrate at regular intervals, like the vibration of a mobile phone.

You can choose your favorite pattern!
There are 5 vibration levels in total.
The strong vibration of the power system that seems to be Dame is amazing!
By the 5th level, the vibration is so strong that you can feel the Pom's vibration in your palm up to your elbow.
Despite the power of the vibration, the sound is very quiet.
If you want to enjoy the powerful vibrations, but are worried about the sound being heard around you...it's really recommended!
If you want to start with a low vibration and then turn up the power to the max when you feel like orgasms, you don't have to change your hand position to find a switch.
Hold the grip, just click with your thumb, and all that's left to do is reach an orgasm.

It fits us well, Pom.
We've finally met our favorite rotor! We're filled with such a feeling.

*Please be careful not to bend or twist it too hard, because it may cause a failure.

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