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【SUMMER SALE 】RianneS Pussy & the Knight
The Pussy & The Knight vibrating cock ring is designed with couples in mind. The cock ring keeps the guy harder for longer while hitting just the right spot for clitoral stimulation.


【SUMMER SALE 】RianneS Pussy & the Knight

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●Weight: 40 grams
●Battery type: Li-ion
●Charging Voltage: 100–240V
●Sound level: <49dB
●Vibration modes: 10
●User time: 1 hour
●Charging time: 2 hours
●Waterproof: water resistant IPX5
●Materials: body safe silicon and ABS
●Size: 11 cm x 5 cm, diameter ring 3,2 cm (stretchable)

販売価格:¥7,150 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090394

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RianneS is a sex toy brand launched by a female designer from the Netherlands with a woman's happiness at the forefront of her mind.
It is a trusted brand that pays attention to every detail, not only in terms of design and function, but also in terms of operability, packaging and safety.

「I grew up with a feminist mother and wanted to do something neat for women.」
Rianne (the brand is named after the designer herself).
We launched our brand in 2010 with the goal of making beautiful, safe and secure sex toys from a woman's perspective.
The RianneS product is a "cock ring".

Why would RianneS, who has been making toys for women, want a cock ring....? You may be wondering, "Why is the cock ring...? But cock rings aren't just for men to feel good, women can feel good too with RianneS cock rings!
When a woman masturbates, it can be used as a rotor instead of a rotor, and if it is attached to a dildo, it can also be enjoyed by a lesbian couple!
The most attractive thing is that when you put it on and insert it, the vibration is transmitted to your clitoris as well!
RianneS has designed this product so that not only the wearer but also women and men, alone or together, can feel good.

What's more, let's unravel the secret of how good it feels!
At the end of the cock ring are two cute "cat ears" that stand on end of the cock ring.
These silicone cat ears are very soft because there is no "core" in them.
When you turn on the vibration, it vibrates so fast that it trembles finely to the tips of your ears and lingers in the afterimage.
You can't help but be tickled by the pleasurable feeling that runs through your entire body when you run your ears down your neck and back thighs.
In addition, you can pinch your clitoris and nipples with two cat ears and come just like this!
This ring is also a very good rotor!
You can also use it to attach it to a straight type of vibe and turn it into a rabbit type.

Next, let's use it as a cock ring as well.
On the other side of the side with gold accents is a silicone bump.
Put lotion on this uneven surface and attach it to the base of your penis or dildo.
At this time, please make sure that the unevenness is facing upwards.

Now, and finally, the insertion.
This is a satisfying feeling.
Because the top of the ring is larger, the toy overlaps the clitoris when you insert it deeply.
The unevenness stimulates the clitoris by the stroke of the waist, wonderfully erotic! It is wonderfully erotic!
By having a cock ring, you can feel the use of the other person's waist more and more, and you can feel the feeling of being connected with the other person as if your clitoris is stimulated by a finger.
Just touching your clitoris feels good, so you can feel the pleasure of each other even without pistoning (many women say it feels better to insert deep into your clitoris without pistoning, so that it stays close to your clitoris)!

Of course, it feels good to have it on. There is a motor that vibrates just above the ring, so if you stick it to your partner, the vibrator will be transmitted to the side you are wearing. You don't have to piston to get the surging stimulation.
The ring is very soft and chewy to the touch with a lot of elasticity. You can pull the ring and it will extend nicely. This is only possible with a good quality silicon material. When you put it on your penis, it closes and holds it tightly.

There are 10 vibration patterns in total. It's hard to believe that it's coming from a small motor, it's a pretty strong stimulation vibration. It's a fine vibration that is numbing at high speed.
In addition to the rich vibe of 10 patterns at this small size, the intensity of this vibration.
I want more stimulation! I want to enjoy sex more! This is the perfect place for those who want to have more sex with each other!

The black square box with gold printing gives it a mature look.
It makes a great gift that both the giver and the receiver can enjoy together.

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