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TIGER – Wild at heart The characteristic stepped form is the key point. Enjoy the feeling of realism and stimulation!


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●100% waterproof 
●USB rechargeable 
●control element with one touch buttons and turbobooster
●2 vibration programs 
● very powerful yet quieter motor 
●vibration shaft out of 100% silicone 
●stimulates the G-spong 
●illuminated control element (except in the black/black combination)
●Size: 21,7 cm
●Ø 4 cm

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「FUN FACTORY" is a long-established brand established in 1996, which boasts the top market share by far in Germany, the advanced country of toy manufacturing. While many manufacturers have factories in Asian countries in order to lower the price of their products, they have a factory in Germany, and they are extraordinarily particular about "Made in Germany". The colors and design of Toy are distinctive. The company has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award, and its products are recognized worldwide for their high artistic quality.

 At our headquarters in Germany, more than half of our employees are women. Based on their real requests, yes! This is what I wanted! This is the reason why we produce toys that are closely aligned with women's opinions. FUN FANCTORY, with its colorful toys, has now released the chic and luxurious "BLACK LINE". The new black color of the new line of FUN FACTORY toys has a stylish look like a completely new toy! The G5 series is the upgraded version of the conventional product. The points that have evolved are "three”.

 ①It's now easier to use! Button specifications have been changed. Clicking the button is now easy, so it's easy to adjust the strength of the button. Just press the FUN button to turn it on and off with a single touch. You don't need to press and hold or hit repeatedly to stop the vibration. 

 ②The vibration has become even higher performance! Compared to the previous product, the vibration in your hand is smaller and the vibration in the insertion area is larger. In other words, the vibration doesn't make your hand go numb, but the feeling is even greater. I'm using the vibrator and I'm about to come, but my hand is so numb, I can't take it anymore! Ouch! Have you ever had a problem with a vibrator? Only the highly skilled "FUNFACTORY" can give detailed consideration to the vibrator user.

 ③Locking feature added! You can now apply a lock. No more accidents such as sudden movement when you carry it around! No more accidents. It's perfect for travel and excursions.

The staff at a sex toy shop thoughtfully designed "Tiger". Just the right amount of firmness, just the right amount of softness, just the right amount of curve, just the right amount of unevenness. It feels great whether you put it in or not, or just put it on. It's a semi-realistic shape. It's a German manufacturer "FUN FACTORY". This is a brand that continues to make vibrators with a pop design and the best features. The Premium Vibe Semi-Realistic is a vibrator designed to be completely waterproof, as close to silent as possible, and with strong, rhythmic vibrations. The curve of the vibe hits the G-spot hard, and even if you don't put it all the way in, the unevenness every other centimeter stimulates the entrance area of the vagina in an erotic way. Because the main body of the vibe is soft and round, it is possible to vibrate while inserting it so that the clitoris is pressed against it strongly. Because the handle is hollow, you can put a finger in it and hold it, and it is a point that it is very easy to use. It is a USB charging system. If you would like to charge it with an electrical outlet, please purchase the USB AC adapter together with this product.

※The body is velvet. It is designed to look like raised hair, but it is not a problem to use.

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