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The "Swing" rotor for clitoral pampering. The thin, soft tip swings smoothly with a maximum swing width of 30mm. The high speed swing leaves a clear afterimage.



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●Material: Dow Corning food-level silicone, SWAROVSKI crystal, ABS

 ●Size: Total length146mm




 ●Noise: Max noise level: <50dB

 ●Battery Type: USB charging

 ●Charging Time: 1hour

 ●Using Time:3hour 

 ●Vibrate Modes:4

 ●pulse-wave modes:4

 ●Water Repellency: Waterproof grade IPX4.

 ●Company Name:ZALO

●Made in:CHINA

販売価格:¥14,900 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090409

Points obtained: 677 LPC Points

ZALO, the first Asian brand, is attracting attention around the world. It's the seasonal brand that Love Peace Club is pushing the most!
The packaging, the design, and the function are all conceived in a way that beautifully affirms a woman's desires and has a concept that tells a fantastical story.
The ZALO rotor, which swings at the tip of its tongue like the tip of an oral sex tongue, is gaining support from women for its delicate and soft stimulation, which is different from the direct vibration of conventional rotors, and is spreading as a genre.
Among them, the Love Peace Club recommends this "HERO" as a superlative model in particular.
It is gentle and soft, and yet the intense and delicate stimulation goes back and forth at high speed...The supreme pleasure that cannot be reproduced by the fingertips.
Whether it's your first time using a rotor or you've tried a lot of them before, there's something you've never experienced before.
Many women have experienced that the stimulation that is pushed hard with power is not directly related to comfort (rather, it hurts or makes the sensation paralyzed and dull).
The delicate but strong and acute stimulation is exactly the pleasure we have been waiting for.

[Swing up to 75 times in 1 second!]
The HERO is a high-speed design that swings up to 75 times in one second using ZALO's exclusive PulseWave? technology. The speed is so fast that even the naked eye can see the afterimage clearly.
The swing was pursued by reproducing the sensation of tingling pleasure focused on a single point when it is rolled or rubbed with the tip of a finger or tongue.
Because there is no core in the tip, it is flexible and soft and stimulates with pinpoint.
Try to feel this softness by applying it directly to your skin instead of on top of your underwear!
Especially the nickname "lotion" is excellent. The presence of lotion makes the clitoris and labia minora more plump and slippery and gives a more realistic sensation. It also protects the delicate skin from friction.

[Swing width of up to 30 mm]
There have been rotors that can adjust the speed (number of swings), but the toy that can adjust the width of swing is the first in the history of Love Pi! As you make the width wider, you will feel a strong sensation as if you are being followed from a point to a whole area.
Starting with a wide swing directly on a sensitive area may be too stimulating, so start with a narrower swing width and gradually increase the comfortable width.
The way you apply it to the skin is also important, because if you apply it too tightly, it will block the swing movement, so you can feel the swing best when it's just barely touching or not touching.

[Compact and easy to hold design]
Ergonomic and compact design that is easy to grip for women's hands
When you want to concentrate stimulation on one point, turn to the front of the toy, and conversely, when you want to stimulate with a face, turn the back side to the place where you want to hit your skin.
Either way, the S-curve fits the handle.
The magnetic charge prevents water droplets from penetrating the interior, making it highly waterproof and washable. It can be used in any situation, such as in the bathroom.
The switch is a decorative protrusion directly underneath the gorgeous Swarovski (front switch) and a round protrusion on the back (back switch). Press the front switch to go into standby mode, and then press the front switch again to start the vibration. Each time the front switch is pressed, the swing width changes.
The rear switch is for switching the vibration rhythm, turning the swing into a rhythmic one with lulls and lows.
The HERO concept is "clitoral pampering" and the FDA-approved, food-grade silicone is safe and glides smoothly on the skin
You've never experienced this before! The seamless swing that brings pleasure to the clitoris is the culmination of ZALO's technology that provides superior ergonomics and functionality.

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