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Better Sex
Recommended! This is a serious video with no mosaic.

Better Sex

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●Director: Dr. Mark Schoen 
●Supervisors: Dr. Linda L. Banner/ Dr. Eli Coleman/ Dr. Robin Milhosen/Dr. Eusebio Rubio Auriores 
●Set of 3 
Disk 109 minutes Disk2: 103 minutes Disk3: 93 minutes 
● 2005

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I was looking forward to watching it even before I saw it.This is because the video was well-received for its solid depiction of the "how-to" of masturbation, which has never been done before.

It's also a how-to masturbation, and if you put a "mosaic" on your vagina properly, it's not worth it. I'm showing you! 

He carefully describes how to use his fingers in masturbation and how to use the vibrator.Especially if you're wondering where the clitoris is? Especially for those who are worried about the location of the clitoris.He shows you his clit firmly and teaches you to masturbate properly.It's not an erotic video. However, this is not an erotic video. Since it was made as a video, they were able to sell it without the mosaic.

In addition to the erotic scenes, there are also lectures on why we feel guilty about masturbation, which is a great way to learn.

It also teaches you how to stimulate the clitoris and how to stimulate the G-spot, with illustrations.

A how-to video produced by a company that seriously thinks about sex and seriously thinks about masturbation.

It's not just masturbation, it's how the existential couples enjoy sex, and how they have sex. He's very careful to show me how to enjoy it, how to get it going, and how to use the vibrator. It's a 3-disc set, and it's surprisingly comprehensive.

The length of the sex scenes doesn't feel intrusive, and the length of the sex scenes are enjoyable enough for an erotic video.
It's a very comprehensive set of three DVDs. And it makes for a long and enjoyable masturbation video.
Also, if a male-female couple is inexperienced with each other, they may not be able to "do it" well Not. You may enjoy watching them together at such times.

I sympathize with that attitude of trying to thoroughly explore and thoroughly "teach" what I don't understand.The packaging is also softly colored, and it's not "embarrassing" to carry.

For couples who want to enjoy sex more and masturbation more and more, I recommend it!!!!


★Better Sex VOL.01★

What is sex? female body, male body, female orgasm, male O Gasm, oral sex, erotic massage, body position, etc.

★Better Sex VOL.02★

Methods of seduction, erotic dancing, female masturbation, male masturbation, sexual fantasy, sex outside the bedroom, and more.

★Better Sex VOL.03★

Sensual interaction, speed sex, sex toys, role-playing, anal pleasures, etc.

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