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Secret of G-Spot
No mosaic, a DVD to know and feel the G-spot in its entirety.

Secret of G-Spot

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●60 min 
●Japanese subtitles 
●Appearance: Dr. Mark Schoen /Linda Banner / Dr. Beverly Whipple / Dr. Bernie Zilbargeld 
●Content :male orgasms, female orgasms, G-spot, how to entertain women, how to entertain men, how to entertain men Positions for the G-spot, female ejaculation, etc.

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Couples of a man and a woman, I'm sure the longer they are together, the more they think they "know" each other...but sex is a very deep thing.There's still a lot of things I don't know!  This DVD reminded me of that.
This is a painstaking work that teaches you how male orgasms work, how female orgasms work, what you need to do to get to know your body, how to entertain men, how to entertain women...and more.
I'm happy to say that there is no mosaic on the genitals.The clitoris and vaginal opening can be watched closely.Therefore, while watching the DVD, you will be able to experience your own body in the same way.How to put your fingers in, how to use a vibrator, how to find the G-spot, how to stimulate a man's prostate, and how to make a woman squirt・・・.He teaches all kinds of things in detail and with care and diligence.
She carefully explains male ejaculation as well as the female body.She carefully explains male ejaculation as well as the female body.Stimulating the prostate gland is said to give you pleasure without the need to get an erection or ejaculate.He explains how to do this, still without any mosaic at all.
This DVD was made not with an "erotic" gaze, but with an attitude of getting to know the body and orgasm in a serious way.The clitoris and vaginal entrance, male penis and anus.It is not easy to watch it "live" in Japan, but because it is an overseas "educational work", it is possible to show the genitals without mosaic at all (there is a mosaic in the insertion part).
This is especially good for couples who have been together for a long time and are stable, but haven't had enough sexual excitement lately."I had no idea! I didn't realize! There may be a lot of "I didn't know that at all!" and "I didn't realize that!" points that come up.Erotic, but also a lot of points where we can get to know and love each other like this... A truly inspiring educational erotic DVD...highly recommended!

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