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【RianneS】 Boa Mini G Deep Purple
A small G-spot vibe that fits in the palm of your hand. Although small, the tip of the vibe is oval-shaped and bends easily, so it fits the G-spot accurately in the plane.


【RianneS】 Boa Mini G Deep Purple

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●Material: silicone
●Size: 140mm in length Diameter 35mm
●Weight: 80g
●Sound: ★★☆☆☆
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 2 hours for a full charge
●2 hours of continuous use
●Vibration patterns: 10 types
●Waterproof: life waterproof
●Manufacturer: RianneS(The Netherlands)
●MADE IN China

販売価格:¥9,240 (tax included)
Sold Out:Next arrival is undetermined.

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Item Number: 01090420

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RianneS is a sex toy brand launched by a female designer from the Netherlands with a woman's happiness at the forefront of her mind.
It is a trusted brand that pays attention to every detail, not only in terms of design and function, but also in terms of operability, packaging and safety.

「I grew up with a feminist mother and wanted to do something neat for women.」
Rianne (the brand is named after the designer herself).
We launched our brand in 2010 with the goal of making beautiful, safe and secure sex toys from a woman's perspective.
Passionate about women's sexual wellness, these RianneS items come in cute mini sizes with pouches.
The compact size of the toy makes it easy to handle in the hands of small women, but it's also convenient to carry around.

RianneS has had the Classic Vibrator series with a pouch before, but this one is battery-powered, while this one is USB rechargeable, making it much easier to use.
The number of vibe patterns has increased from 7 to 10, so you'll be able to have more fun and play more.

The BOA MINI G is a small toy with an overall length of 140mm, which is about the same as the iPhone8.
It's easy to hold even when you're doing your nails.
As you can see, the body is small, but the power is solid.
The strong vibration that cannot be thought that it is sent out from a small motor is fine and powerful as if it is numbed at high speed!
If it is stimulated by this powerful vibration from the inside ... just imagining will make you excited!

There are 10 vibration patterns in total.
In addition to a wide variety of 10 patterns at this small size, you can enjoy a stable output in any vibration pattern.
I want power! We recommend this product for people who want to develop their G-spot but don't like big toys. If you want to develop your G-spot but don't want to use a big toy, or if you want to make your debut with an insertion toy for the first time, we recommend this product.

The head is designed for the G-spot, so of course we are very particular about the head.
It was originally designed with an angled tip to make it easier to catch the G-spot on the side of the belly, but in addition to that, the root of the head has no core in the shaping part, so it bends easily.
You can adjust the angle of the G-spot to fit your favorite spot even when it's inserted, and the G-spot fits just right. This is a great design for G-spot lovers! It's a great way to get the most out of the G-spot.

It's a short length for the G-spot, so you may be wondering if it can really reach the point where you feel comfortable.
However, the location of the G-spot is surprisingly shallow and is said to be around the area where the belly of the fingertip touches when the middle finger is placed up to the second joint. So, even BOA MINI G has enough length to catch the G-spot.
Moreover, because the tip is egg-shaped and has a face, it is not only easy to fit the G-spot, but also easy to get the feeling of inserting it firmly even though it is this small and easy to insert.
When it comes to toys that stimulate the G-spot by catching it firmly on the surface, the size of the toy tends to be large, but this lure is recommended for beginners and those who are not good at large toys while accurately catching the G-spot.
The silicone is silky, sticky and soft and absorbs, so please enjoy the feeling when you fit the G-spot.

This edgy, snake-printed pouch can be used for toy storage as well as a cosmetic pouch.
It's convenient for storage and easy to carry.
It is water resistant to life and can be used during bath time, so it can be used in a wide range of situations.
When you want to use it, where you want to use it. Enjoy it as a familiar toy!

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