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Your Side Delicate Moist Body Milk
This is a body milk for the whole body that can be used for the delicate zone as well. The pH value of this product is suitable for the delicate zone,


Your Side Delicate Moist Body Milk

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●Water・Glycerin・Squalane・Sorbitol・Glycyrrhizic acid 2K・Cucumber fruit extract・Ceramide NG・Ceramide NP・Ceramide AP・Lesitin hydrogenated・Phytosterols・Glyceryl Stearate (SE)・Stearic acid・Ethylhexyl glycerin・Glyceryl Caprylate・Vaseline・Mineral oil・Dimethicone・PEG-55 Stearate・Myristyl alcohol・Beheanyl alcohol・Citric acid・Nioitendic blue oil・Bergamot fruit oil・(Hydroxyethyl acrylate/Na acryloyldimethyl taurine)Copolymer・Stearoyl methyl taurine Na・Phenoxyethanol・BG
●Capacity: 200ml
●Brand:Uruoki Health Care(Japan)
●Country of manufacture:Japan
●Please use within 3 months after opening the package.

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There are never a few women who suffer from the discomfort of the delicate zone. There are various causes of discomfort, but it is natural for women who have pads with their clothes, sanitary pads, and fabric sheets to experience "pad fatigue," which is skin damage caused by external stimuli.
One of the most important points of care is to moisturize!
When you feel uncomfortable in your delicate zone, gently apply a gentle application of "Your Side Delicate Moist Body Milk".
The new Delicate Moist Body Milk is a moisturizing formula made by women and manufactured in Japan for women.
Delicate Moist Body Milk is formulated with a pH value tailored to the delicate zone and can be used on the whole body as well as the delicate zone.
If your delicate zone is dry, it means the rest of your skin is also dry.
One bottle moisturizes all over the body and can be used indefinitely.
Lotion is the same as "seasoning", so once opened, use it up as soon as possible, "freshness" is important. Even if you buy a good quality lotion, if it's completely out of date when you open it, it's no better for you than a shoddy lotion. Since freshness is so important, it's nice to be able to use it up in a fresh period.

The design is not overly assertive and blends in with your daily life, so it can be placed on your vanity or bedside.
It's a convenient push type that can be used with one hand while in place, and is designed to deliver the right amount in one push.

1. About the brand]
Mr. Kobayashi, the founder of "Moisture Health Care," the company behind Your Side Delicate Moist Body Milk, has been suffering from sexual pain and discomfort in the delicate zone since he was a young man himself.
I don't know what to use," "I don't know how to take care of it," "Do I have to buy a special one? Is there a hurdle to buying exclusive products in stores? I've heard it from many women in the past.
Through her own experience of dealing with the problems of the delicate zone for a long time, she came to the idea that "the delicate zone is an important part of your body" and developed a moisturizer that can be used for the delicate zone in the same way as the usual moisturizing care for the face and body.

2. Product Features]
Normally, the moisture of a woman's skin and mucous membranes is kept fresh and elastic thanks to estrogen.
However, during menopause, lactation, and amenorrhea, estrogen secretion decreases.
The cause of dryness in women has a lot to do with a decrease in estrogen.
In addition, women are especially prone to "pad fatigue" caused by pads such as sanitary napkins, fabric sheets, leaky pads and diapers.
This body milk moisturizes the skin from dryness to chafing and itching underwear to easily broken fingertips and nails.
Apply the Delicate Moist Body Milk to your delicate zone after cleansing to bring your skin to a normal pH level.

1.Ceramide of natural origin
When ceramide is in short supply in the stratum corneum, the barrier function of the skin is compromised, making it vulnerable to rough skin. Ceramides 2, 3 and 6Ⅱ (Ceramides NG, NP and AP) are used to retain moisture and firm the skin.

Part 2. Squalane
It supports the skin's barrier function and helps to keep it healthy.

3. Organic extracts
Cucumber Fruit Extract: A naturally occurring extract that is said to moisturize, astringent, and regulate skin texture.
Calendula (calendula) flower extract
This naturally occurring extract is said to be effective in preventing rough skin and keeping the skin healthy.

Faintly fragrant at the moment you put it on.
Rose geranium and bergamot essential oils are used. It will make you feel at ease.
The fragrance is soft and fluffy the moment you put it on, making it suitable for those who prefer a fragrance-free product or those who don't like strong fragrances.

5. Container
Even those who have a weak grip can push without putting any effort into it. The emulsion comes out easily with one push.

How to use it].
Take an appropriate amount on clean hands and apply to the skin. Its smooth, stretchy texture leaves skin moisturized with a gentle, fluffy application without any effort.

If you are particularly concerned about dryness, press down on the area where the milk was applied and blend it into the skin.
When applying to the delicate zone, gently press down after bathing.
It is best to avoid mucous membranes and avoid irritating them by rubbing them hard or applying them gently and gently.
Always patch test it before using it on your delicate skin.

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