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A finger toy that can be placed between your fingers. Small but powerful with two motors! It's easy to use for both you and your partner and supports deeper pleasure.



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●Material: silicone
●Size: 74mm in length, 20mm in diameter
●Charging method: USB rechargeable (click/charge)
●Vibration intensity: 4 levels + random mode
●Waterproof: Completely waterproof
●Manufacturer's warranty: 2 year
●Manufacturer:FUN FACTORY
●Country of production: Germany

販売価格:¥11,000 (tax included)
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A finger toy with the ideal shape from the user's point of view has arrived.

In recent years, the variety and technology of toys, such as smartphone-linked toys, multi-functional toys, and suction toys, has deepened and expanded every year.
In such a situation, the long-established brand "FUN FACTORY" newly dealt with "BE ONE" which was simple and did not exist until now as if it was called a return to the origin.

This toy is as familiar and gentle as an extension of a finger.
It stimulates the clitoris and vagina, brings pleasure to the base of the penis and scrotum, and can also be used for foreplay.
In addition, it is easy to use, clean, made of safe materials, small and easy to operate, but I want power and a quiet design. Among the many toys out there, it's hard to find the right one.
That's where BE ONE was developed.

A toy that can be tucked between your fingers. At the same time, it brings the pleasure only because it is a toy, and adds a deep pleasure and stimulation to the play that cannot be obtained only with a finger.

The silicone part does not have a core in the center, so it is soft enough to bend with your fingertips.
This makes it easy to fit your skin perfectly and to use in a wide range of situations.
For example, let the nipple, nape, and back crawl impatiently and use it for foreplay, or stimulate the clitoris while inserting it, or apply it to the base of the penis while having oral sex.
It's designed to fit and be easy to use, whether you're using it on yourself or on someone else.

There are no difficult operations at all.
Just pinch it between your fingers. It is very thin and fits easily in a small woman's hand.
All that's left to do is turn the switch on!
Press and release the power button a little slowly to start the vibration. The power is turned off with a long press of a button.

When the power is on, click the power button to toggle the intensity of the vibration by clicking the power button. There are four levels of strength in all, and once you reach the fourth level of max strength, the next to last is the "flute mode" which moves randomly. The two motors are bouncing off each other in response to each other, and the vibrations are very organic and glamorous. This is amazing...! That's the technology of FUN FACTORY, which has a good reputation for motors.
Let yourself be comfortable with the ebb and flow of rhythms that you can't control.

It also depends on which part of the silicone part you put on your skin, and how it feels. The tip is placed on the clitoris, the vagina, or the side of the instep is pressed against the penis or scrotum to gather pinpoint stimulation.
The fit and comfort that can be obtained by hitting it at the right angle is also something to try.

Lastly, the "numbness" in the hands that can be a concern when using a small finger toy.
The part of BE ONE that touches your skin is made of silicone, and the part that is pinched between your fingers is made of APS and other materials to prevent numbness from being transmitted.
If you are still concerned about the vibrations transmitted to your fingers, it is better not to hold it softly but to pinch it tightly so that the vibrations are absorbed and the numbness is less likely to be transmitted.

The "FUN FACTORY" is the German toy brand of the most popular long-established German toy in the world that started in 1996.

While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to keep prices down, we have a factory in Germany, where our craftsmen carefully make each and every one of our products. In addition, more than half of the employees at the company's headquarters in Germany are women. It's a very serious brand that makes toys that are very close to women's opinions.

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