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Wear your pride high and proudly! An inspirational pin that embraces my vagina and strength. It comes from OHNUT, a femtech brand that protects women from intercourse pain.


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●Material: Enamel
●Size: 25.4mm in length and 12.7mm in width
●Manufacturer: OHNUT(USA)

販売価格:¥1,980 (tax included)
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Even among those of us who have vaginas, the topic of vaginas is still difficult to talk about and is often considered taboo as something that is difficult to talk about.

Feminism has been addressing this issue for a long time, for example, the play "The Vagina Monologues," created by interviewing more than 200 women about the vagina, is a very long-selling play that has been shown every year since 1996 in many countries around the world.
We dare to talk about the vagina because it becomes secretive by not being talked about, which creates shame, fear and superstition, which in turn leads to taboo and oppression of women's sexuality.

The pin we received was created by OHNUT, a femtech brand that protects women from painful intercourse.
Emily Sauer, CEO and creator of OHNUT, founded OHNUT after years of her own struggles with "sex pain" and her own experience of not only physical pain, but also self-doubt that 'I'm not good enough.
Since its launch, OHNUT has been a popular product for connecting people with women who are experiencing emotional pain due to intercourse pain.

The message in this pin, which is unique to OHNUT, is "show your love for your body".
Please share this message of powerful affirmation for all people with vaginas, and please share it with those who inspire you.

This cool pin will make you feel proud to wear it as a bag, cap, pouch, or a piece of clothing!
It also makes a great gift.

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