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The tip is shaped for easy clitoral stimulation and the handle is perfectly angled to find the G-spot, making it a perfect fit for your body. This is a new type of multi-purpose toy!



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●Material: Medical silicone
●Size: 190mm in length and 35mm in width
●Weight: 102g
●Sound: Small ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Large
●Charging method: USB
●Vibe pattern: 5 types
●Vibe strength: 5 levels
●Waterproof: Completely waterproof
●Warranty: 3 year
●Manufacturer:DAME products
●Made in China

販売価格:¥25,850 (tax included)
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Dame, a femtech brand that loftily proclaims "Bridging the Gender Gap in Orgasm" and continues to transmit toys for women.
Among hetero couples, 91% of men have had an orgasm from sex compared to 39% of women who have had an orgasm from sex.
is a fast-growing brand in the toy industry with a vision to bring
about change to this difference = "gender gap in pleasure".

Alexandra, a CEO and sexologist, is a master's student at Columbia University studying the psychology of sex therapy.
Her business partner, Janet, is an engineer who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
the wisdom and passion of two people, the Dame team represents a wide
range of ages, genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, and lifestyles. A
variety of voices in the lab helps us develop products that address the
needs of as many humans as possible.

In the past, Dame has produced a number of rotor-type toys that specialize in the clitoris.
is because recent sexual science has shown that more than 70% of women
need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm.
Arc features a
strong motor, a squishy bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge, and an
easy-reach curved handle, helping you explore and discover the perfect

Arc is made for exploring. Its bulb
has a pleasant squish, with a beaked ridge for targeted vibes on the
vulva or clitoris. Warm-up externally, then dive in!The tip is designed
to stimulate the clitoris
The secret is the tip of the toy.
The tip of the cross is cross-shaped and the middle of the cross is raised.
is because when the tip is placed on the clitoris, it is caught tightly
so that it will catch and send pinpoint stimulation.
It is designed
to reach the clitoris with a natural body posture that is not
unreasonable when you hold and hit the handle part that drew a curve,
and the tip and the raised part that bent with a squeak.
You need to
extend your arm while holding the toy, but this design allows you to
apply it to yourself in a comfortable lying position, have your partner
apply it from the back, or apply it from the side of your hip with your
back hand.
The first step to orgasm is from the clitoris. Warm up your clitoris as much as you can!

【Point2】Easy does it .Angle and curve to find the G-spot
handle has the perfect length and curve to give you just the right
angles, without straining the hand or wrist. Enjoy different motions,
like rocking, rotating, steady nestling, and sliding in and out.
Now you're fully prepared, it's time to try the inside out too!
The Arc handle has just the right angle, optimal length and curve to explore the G-spot without straining your hand or wrist.
Apply plenty of lotion to the tip and insert it slowly.
The maximum width is 3.5 cm at the tip.
It is a sizing that can be challenged without being forced, but it also gives you the feeling that it is well contained.
It's no wonder that many users said "Thanks to Arc, I've found my G-spot!". The slippery, soft tip snuggles up to the G-spot.

【Point3】Arc will rock you.Both high power and quietness that you don't notice at all when using
the Dame's signature feature is a quiet design that vibrates powerfully
yet never feels like it's working, this time the Arc has the strongest
motor of any Dame product, allowing you to adjust to the perfect pattern
and speed.
Arc features the strongest motor Dame has to offer,
giving you a deep, satisfying rumble that can be adjusted to the perfect
pattern and speed.
Normally, the stronger the vibration, the louder the sound of the operation tends to be.
only does the loudness of the sound of movement bother those around
you, but it also makes you feel a little cold when you are using it.
the Arc is really quiet. When it's on, no one notice you're using the
vibrator. Moreover, even when it's at maximum output, the noise of motor
is drowned by the sound of the air conditioner or TV. It is so quiet
that you'll suspect it is really moving or not, however, the vibration
is strong. It is a nice gap!
The vibrations are both subtleties and
powerful, with a deep, penetrating echo toward the center of your body.
The stimulation can be felt even from the top of your underwear, but it
is also recommended to feel the sensation of Arc's pleasant silicone
directly on your skin.
There are five different vibration patterns and five levels of intensity.

【Point4】You can switch between strength and weakness by pressing and holding the button.
Arc is also very particular about the design of the buttons.
two recesses are control buttons. A protruding button feels
uncomfortable when it hits the skin, while a button embedded underneath
the flat silicone makes it difficult to see the position of the button.
Dame have solved all of these problems by making the hollow.
since you can operate the switch with the touch of one fingertip, you
can easily operate it even if you can't see your hand in a pitch-black
room with the lights off.

The button at the bottom is the power
switch, which can be turned on and off by pressing and holding it down.
Click to change the vibration pattern.
The long, narrow hollow at the
top is the switch for switching between strength and weakness. The
underside of the recesses dampens the vibration, while the upper side
strengthens it. There are two ways to switch the vibration.
(1)Click: Switch to one of the above (or below) steps.
and hold: The vibration switches seamlessly. For example, in the
weakest phase at the beginning of the first, press and hold the top to
smoothly accelerate to the fifth level of maximum power at once.
you want to come all at once, starting from the weakest point, you can
switch to the fifth step by pressing and holding the button without
having to busily click the button four times.

The magnetic charging system is water-resistant and can be washed whole after use, and can even be enjoyed in the bath.

Dame has a philosophy and a high level of skill to positively change the values and sensibilities related to women's sexuality.
We delivers a new form of multi-purpose toy that is curved to easily reach both inside and out.

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