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VeDO Suki - Turquoise
For your sucking toy debut! When the clitoris is wrapped around the suction opening, it's like being sucked erotically!


VeDO Suki - Turquoise

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●Material: Silicon
●Size: 85mm in total length
●Width: 50mm
●Charging method: USB charging
●Suction pattern: 10
●Suction strength: 6
●Water resistance: Living waterproof
●Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year
●Manufacturer: VeDO(Hong Kong)
●Country of Origin:China

販売価格:¥9,570 (tax included)
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The VeDO series is also popular at Lovepi.
The small size, smaller than a smartphone and easy to try pricing make it a popular brand for first-time toys.
VeDo is a toy maker from Asia, made by young designers in Hong Kong, and is popular among 20-somethings in American toy stores.
The VeDo series is lively, fun, and full of freedom! s VeDo series.
The first suction toy from that VeDO series has appeared!

Suki" is a cute toy with a cylindrical form and a palm size.
is not directly stimulated by touching the clitoris, but it is a
suction toy that can be completely contained in the mouth of the suction
opening to get the sensation of being sucked.
It is designed as a
pleasure toy for the clitoris. The small size of VeDO, which is unusual
for a suction toy of this kind, does not get in the way even if you put
it by the bedside or carry it in your bag.
In addition to being an easy size for small hands to hold, the distinctive back-mounted handle makes it even easier to hold.
When held between your fingers, it fits in the palm of your hand just fine!We don't just want to make you feel good, we want to make you feel safe.
All VeDo products are made from silicone.
reason for this is because they are soft, smooth and durable.
High-quality silicone has a seamless, velvety finish that warms up
quickly with your body heat. It is also safe to use for people with
rubber allergies.
It is also 100% free of phthalates.
esters are chemical plasticizers blended into plastics to increase their
flexibility, but they are suspected of having carcinogenic and other
effects on the skin and mucous membranes.
Many of the cheaper,
better-performing toys sold in Japan use these phthalates, which is why
the Love Peace Club has not carried them since 2012.

And it's very simple to operate.
the power button in the center of the device to turn on the power, and
press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn it off.
Press the + and - buttons on the left and right sides of the power button to change the strength of the suction power.
There are a total of six different levels of suction strength.
the suction force is high, start at the weakest level with the - button
and gradually increase the strength of the suction by starting from the
vicinity of the clitoris without directly hitting the clitoris and
checking it.
It has 10 different suction patterns, which are rare
among suction toys that are often designed only for strength of suction,
and it provides a variety of rhythmic patterns that can weaken,
strengthen, or slow down to give changes to the suction that can easily
become monotonous.
To switch between the suction patterns, a short
click of the power button while the device is powered on and running
will switch between them.

A travel lock feature is also provided for ease of carrying.
the power off, briefly double-click the power button twice. Click! and
it will vibrate with two "buzzes". This is a sign that the travel lock
is on.
When the travel lock is engaged, clicking the power button will only cause it to vibrate twice, but it will not work.
To unlock the travel lock, double-click the power button again briefly twice to release the travel lock.

It is easy to use.
Simply place the suction port over the clitoris and apply it to the clitoris.
up the entire clitoris. It is a stimulation that you have never tasted
before, and it feels like numbness from the core of the clitoris.

operating sound is louder than other suction toys. If you put it on
your clitoris completely, the volume will decrease. If you feel
uncomfortable, it is recommended to use it in the futon.
In addition,
it is not a smooth and gentle suction, but it is a strong and shaking
suction, so it feels like a big sucking sensation. It is recommended for
those who like the sensation of being sucked heavily.

Enjoy the exciting world of suction toys!

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