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Sweet Spot Hydrate Ever After
The American Gynecologist-Tested and Recommended Moisturizing Cream for the Delicate Zone. Manufactured with a pharmaceutical-grade water base. Nourishes the skin and soothes problems.


Sweet Spot Hydrate Ever After

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Water(Aqua), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hammamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel Water) Alcohol, Ethanol, Glycolic Acid, Panthenol, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, Allantoin, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Leaf Extract, Caprylyl/ Capryl Glucoside, Potassium Hydroxide, Propanediol, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Benzyl Alcohol, Fragrance.

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Many women have experienced discomfort, discomfort, and problems with their delicate zones. Just like the rest of the skin, including the face and body, the delicate zone can change and dry out depending on the environment and time of year.
The main causes of dryness are

Hormonal changes.
Frequency of sexual activity
Side effects of the medication
Menopause and post-menopause

It's possible for anyone to become sensitive to age, hormonal balance, and the combination of age, hormonal balance, and menstruation, and the delicate zone can become sensitive as well.
Hormonal imbalances and other factors can change the amount of moisture in the body and the moisture in the delicate zone can be lost.
As the delicate zones become dry, they are more prone to itching, pain, inflammation and painful intercourse.
You can't talk to anyone and you may be suffering alone, right?

To prevent and improve problems in the delicate zone, Sweet Spot Intimate has developed a special moisturizing cream for the delicate zone, "Sweet Spot Intimate Ever After".
Sweet Spot Intimates Intimate Hydra Cream Ever After, a moisturizing cream that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, has been developed to prevent and improve problems in the delicate zone.

Ever After has been tested and recommended by an American gynecologist.
Nourishes and soothes the sensitive labia and surrounding skin.
It contains three emollient oils: squalene, jojoba, and macadamia seed, which work to prevent moisture evaporation from the skin, retain moisture, and make the skin more flexible.
These oils mimic the natural lipids required for skin moisture and help replenish and restore essential oils.
In addition, the sodium hyaluronate in the formula replenishes and retains vital moisture in the skin.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to products designed specifically for the delicate zone is the pH level.
By nature, the pH level of the delicate zone is kept at an acidic level, which prevents bacteria from entering the area.
The pH level around the vulva is around 5.3.
Smooth and non-sticky, Ever After is made with non-irritating ingredients to help balance the pH of the acidic area of the delicate zone.
It comes in a tubular form with a push-pump tip for a clean, lightweight, easy to use, and easy-to-moisturize formula.

No hormones, estrogens, fragrances, glycerin, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, phthalates, MIT preservatives, propylene glycol, gluten, or essential oils are added.
It is båased on safe, pharmaceutical grade water.

Directions: Apply liberally to labia and surrounding skin as needed. May be used daily and over time.

CAUTION: For external use only. If rash or discomfort occurs, discontinue use. Not for use as a lubricant for intercourse. Not for use with condoms.

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