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Dame blue socks
Rethink the gender disparity in orgasm from the feet up! The path to orgasm is not only in Toys, it's in something everyone can take advantage of.

Dame blue socks

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●Material: 70% cotton, 22% spandex, 6% elasticity, 2% nylon.
●Size: Free
●Manufacturer: DAME(USA)
●Country of manufacture:China

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Dame, a femme tech brand created by two New York City-based women who loudly proclaim "Bridging the Gender Gap in Pleasure" and send out toys for women, by women.

According to Dame's research, among hetero couples, 91% of men have had an orgasm during sex, compared to 39% of women who have had an orgasm during sex.
The brand is a fast-growing brand in the toy industry with a commitment to bringing about a change in this difference = gender gap in pleasure between the two people.

Here are these unisex, eye-catching Dame blue socks made by Dame.
They are stretchy, grippy and breathable, so they don't get steamy.
The fabric is very firm, so they won't stretch out after washing and won't shift even after long walks.

It will be a great coordinating point and expand your range of fashion!
They are only available in one size in unisex, but they are stretchy so you can wear them comfortably in any size.
They sit above your ankles and are recommended for those who have poor circulation.

But why did the pleasure-toy brand Dame release the socks in the first place?
Well, there's a good reason.
According to research cited by Dame, it's important to keep your feet warm in order to increase your sense of pleasure.
In other words, wearing warm socks can change the quality of your pleasure.
About 80 percent of couples who had sex with socks reached orgasm, while only about 50 percent of couples who had sex without them reached orgasm.
How about bridging the pleasure gap by keeping your feet warm?

Dame has a philosophy and a high level of skill in positively transforming the values and sensibilities associated with female sexuality.
Bridging the gender gap in orgasm from this perspective as well as Toy ...... is a great idea!

It makes a great gift for any size. With socks, you can give them to any person.

These playful socks are made by a serious toy brand.
The back of the foot has the Dame logo on it, so you can show it off with your sandals!

You can wash them at low temperature and use the dryer as long as you use low temperature drying.

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