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A 3-way toy with 3 different attachments that can be changed according to the spot to be used.10,000 motor rotations per minute to focus on sensitive points at once!



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●Material: Silicon, ABS plastic
●Size: 219mm (length), 36mm (width), 33mm (thickness)
●Weight: 217g
●Sound: Up to 40dB★☆☆☆☆
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 2 hours
●Charging time: 2 hours Continuous use time: Up to 3 hours
●Vibration pattern: 8 types
●Waterproof: IPX4 (waterproof for daily use)
●Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
●Manufacturer: ZALO
●Country of manufacture: China
●Comes with Japanese instruction manual
●Includes a toy sack

販売価格:¥12,900 (tax included)
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ZALO is a toy brand from Asia that is gaining attention around the world. ZALO is the brand that Love Peace Club has been promoting the most.
The packaging, design, and functions of ZALO are all based on the idea of beautifully affirming women's desires, and the concept of ZALO has a fantastic story.
The "Legend Series" is a collection inspired by Egypt's long history of over 6,000 years, the grand scale of the pyramids, and countless myths and legends.

The Legend Series lineup has so far included popular and unique toys such as the "QUEEN" suction vibrator and the "HERO" swinging rotor.
The new addition to the Legend Series is the "BESS", a 3-way toy with 3 different attachments that can be changed to match the spot where it is used.
The name "BESS" comes from the Egyptian goddess Bastet. She is the goddess of fertility who protects us from evil spirits and diseases, especially those related to women.

Rotors for spotting and inserting, both feel great and both are necessary!
And no matter which spot you use it on, you want it to feel good without being half-hearted! The BESS is the result of our ideal.
Each of the three included attachments has a different purpose, and each attachment has its own unique characteristics.

Focus on the clitoris! Spherical attachment
The small spherical attachment, about 13mm in diameter, is ideal for clitoral stimulation.
It delivers a straight, pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris.
When you usually use your fingertips, you can stimulate the clitoris from left to right, up and down, or by circling the area. The BESS is designed to fit in a small woman's hand.
The BESS is designed to be easily held by small female hands, and can be squeezed or gripped like a pencil. This allows for flexible handling and the ability to use the tip as precisely as your fingertips. You can easily recreate the exquisite way you normally move your fingertips like a pleasure.
The advantage of the spherical cap is that it can be applied evenly to the clitoris from any angle, and can also be freely manipulated to roll over the skin and delicately apply to the clitoris.
The silky silicone is smooth and comfortable on the skin... you can feel your clitoris even more than usual!

The slim G-spot attachment is safe for beginners.
The G-spot attachment, which completely covers the tip of the device, turns into an insertion toy just by attaching it!
It is designed to capture the G-spot and stimulate it precisely.
It is quite slim for an insertion toy, but it does not need to be a big, thick toy to stimulate the G-spot.
It is said that the G-spot is located in a shallow area where the belly of the fingertip touches the second joint of the middle finger.
A BESS can also capture the G-spot, and the curved tip is puffy and soft to stimulate the G-spot gently.
The G-spot and the clitoris are actually the same large organ, with the clitoris being the visible part and the G-spot being the part hidden inside the body.
If you think that the G-spot is the same as the clitoris, the best way to get pleasure from it is to gently stimulate the clitoris first, and then slowly touch the G-spot.
Also, if you have a large toy, you will need to prepare carefully before inserting it, but with the long and thin shape of the BESS, you can insert it easily and effortlessly, and still enjoy the pleasure of stimulating the G-spot and inserting it.
It is easy to use on a daily basis, and beginners who are not very familiar with insertion can also use it without worry.

Wrap and stimulate your bust top! Flower shaped attachment]
The flower-shaped attachment is made of soft, very thin and flexible silicone, each one like a flower petal. In addition, if you look into the hollow in the center, you will find seven ultra-thin silicone protrusions.
Of course, this is also made of soft silicone that easily becomes pliable when touched with a finger.
When you tuck your bust top into this flower-shaped attachment, you will be surrounded by stimulation and feel erotically tickled.
It is also perfect to use during foreplay to enhance your mood.

To give you the perfect orgasm, the BESS has a fast and fine motor rotation of 10,000 times per minute to focus on sensitive points.
The material is smooth and silky high quality silicone, with a comfortable texture that just touches your skin.
Instructions in Japanese are also included in the package. There are a total of eight different vibration patterns. There are eight different vibration patterns to choose from, including fine vibration, rhythmic vibration, undulating vibration, and very strong vibration, so you can select the one that best suits your preference and the spot you want to use it.
This is a 3-way toy that will satisfy the inside, outside, and bust top types. You can enjoy pleasure all over your body.

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