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The ultimate G-spot massager that is exactly like having your G-spot traced by a human finger.



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●Material: Body-safe silicone + ABS plastic
●Size: 185 mm in length, max. diameter: approx. 35 mm, insertable part: 115 mm
●Weight: 90g
●Sound: ★★☆☆
●Charging method: USB
●Charging time: 2 hours for full charge
●Charging method: USB
●Charging time: 2 hours on full charge
●Continuous use time: 1 hour
●Vibration intensity level: 10 levels
●Stroke speed: 10 steps
●Stroke range: 4 patterns
●Waterproof: Fully waterproof
●Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
●Manufacturer: Lora DiCarlo (USA)
●Country of Origin: China

販売価格:¥30,008 (tax included)
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LoraDiCarlo is a toy brand created for the pleasure of women.
LoraDiCarlo is a toy brand created for women's pleasure, featuring the most advanced technology and very high technology.
Microrobotics is a patent-pending technology in the U.S. for miniaturizing robots, which is attracting attention as an ethical technology for a sustainable future because its small size and light weight use less energy and reduce transportation costs.
Using this cutting-edge technology, the ideal pleasure toy for ethical consumption is what LoraDiCarlo is aiming for.

Femtech," technology for women, is currently attracting attention, and LoraDiCarlo is truly at the forefront of femtech.
LoraDiCarlo is at the forefront of femtech, pursuing the idea and technology to solve problems related to women's lives and bodies through technology.
Using femtech = pleasure tech, LoraDiCarlo proposes toys that allow women to enjoy their sexual pleasure, which has been considered taboo until now, with greater peace of mind.
In November 2020, LoraDiCarlo announced that model Cara Delevingne, an outspoken feminist, had joined the company as a co-owner.

LoraDiCarlo's new collection is called "ONDA," which means "wave" in Italian.
As soon as you open the capsule-like case and see the form that follows the curves of your body, you will feel the exquisite fit.
The silicone is as smooth as fine skin. The maximum diameter is 35mm, which is a bit large, but the gentle curve allows for smooth insertion.

The ONDA has two main movements: the first is stroking, and the second is vibrating.
To use the ONDA, first press and hold the power button to turn it on, which is very convenient because you can tell the remaining charge status of the LoraDiCarlo toy by the way it lights up. This is very convenient because you can see how much charge is left in your LoraDiCarlo toy by the way it lights up, and you can avoid a catastrophe if you run out of charge just a few minutes before.
Once you are sure that the battery is charged, turn off the power, put a generous amount of lotion on the device, relax and insert it. You may want to start vibrating and stroking right away, but we recommend that you first explore how the ONDA fits your body once it is inserted.

If it's in the right place, you're good to go. Once you have it positioned where you think it should be, it's time to start! Use the three buttons on the back of the device to move it around!
The longest button on the back of the device is for vibrations (+ and -), and has 10 levels of intensity control, so you can slowly build up your mood after insertion. The button next to it controls the stroke speed.
You can control the stroke speed between 2cm and 6cm from the tip.
If you think the stroke area is too wide, click the round button next to it. If you think the stroke area is too wide, press the round button on the side. You can change the stroke area in four short patterns.

(1) 2 cm from the tip (2 to 4 cm)
(2) 2cm from the tip (3) 2cm from the tip (5)
(3) 2cm from the tip (4-6cm from the tip)
(3) 2 cm from the tip (4) 2 cm from the tip (5) 4 cm from the tip (6) 4 cm from the tip (original stroke area)

The change in the stroke area in 1cm increments is perfect for finding the G-spot!
When you touch the stroking area with your hand, it feels a little rough, but this is a deliberate design to mimic a human finger.
Slowly and gently, like a lover's finger, it strokes you tenderly, but sometimes violently.
In addition to the G-spot strokes, it also vibrates to stimulate the clitoris and the entire vagina. While stimulating the whole body, the ONDA moves to press and stroke the entire length of the G-spot, leading to a deep orgasm.

There are many benefits of self-pleasuring, including reduced stress, increased relaxation, and improved mood, one of which is improved sleep.
Orgasms cause the release of pleasant brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, and may reduce levels of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol.

The reasons for self-pleasuring vary from person to person, but many people do it for the zzz's and zzz's after the comfort of reaching orgasm.
While it is nice to have an orgasm with a mechanical toy that is impossible for a person to have, I would like to recommend that you get a good night's sleep with LoraDiCarlo's unique "imitation of human movement" toy!

Gentle like a lover, sometimes even gentler than a lover! The strokes of ONDA will give you the best relaxation.

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