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【Love Not War】Meile
Unique toy with a small ball at the tip for pinpoint stimulation. We recommend using it together with both of you, as if you were applying it to your partner to tickle them.


【Love Not War】Meile

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●Material:Silicon, recycled aluminum, recycled ABS resin, bioplastic
Total length:160mm
●Noise:Small ★★☆☆Large
●Battery Type: USB
●Charging Time: 2 hours for full charge
●Operating time:  Up to 1 hour
●Vibrate Modes:  6 rhythm patterns
●Vibrate Intensities: 4 levels of vibration intensity
●Waterproof : Completely waterproof (IP67)
●Warranty Period:2 years
●Manufacturer :Love Not War (UK)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥13,200 (tax included)
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From England! "Love Not War" is a brand that offers both sustainability and luxury.
concept of this new brand is "Bullet that creates love, not war."This
time we received a series of uniquely designed Bullet Toys developed by
an expert who has been involved in sexual wellness as a toy manufacturer
for more than 20 years.
Love Not War's commitment to sustainability
is unlike any other toy brand. Love Not War's groundbreaking products
have been featured in major media outlets such as "marie claire" and

Feature 1: Made from recycled materials and soy ink. Environmentally friendly sustainable toys
Love Not War Bullet series is made from recycled aluminum, a material
that is both beautifully designed and sustainable. The series is based
on recycled aluminum, a material that is both beautifully designed and
Aluminum is one of the most widely used and easily
recyclable materials in the world. Up to 98% of the world's aluminum is
recycled, and the champagne gold handles of the Love Not War Bullet
Series are made of this recycled aluminum.
The Love Not War Bullet
Series also uses recycled ABS plastic and bio-plastics for the rest of
the handles. In addition, the brand's original pouch is made of Tencel,
which is said to be the world's most eco-friendly fiber.
packaging is also made from recycled materials and soy ink so that it
can be reused as a resource instead of being thrown away as is.
They are also vegan toys that do not use any animal-derived materials and are not tested on animals.
is the time for sustainable toys. Please enjoy the new Pleasure Toys
that are environmentally friendly and pleasing to both the earth and me.

Feature 2: Soft and Smooth Skin Feel
The tip, which is inserted and placed directly against the skin, is soft, fluffy, and comfortable silicone.
surface is smooth and silky without being sticky. While maintaining its
softness, it is dust-resistant and easy to wash off for cleaning.

Feature 3: Quiet and powerful. A total of 10 different vibration patterns
total of 10 different vibration patterns can be selected, ranging from
delicate stroking vibrations to powerful vibrations that resonate toward
the center of the stomach, as well as rhythmic pulsations.
by a developer who has worked with toy manufacturers for many years, the
stable and powerful motor is so powerful that when you grip the tip
containing the motor at maximum output, the vibrations resonate down to
the bones of your hand!
The vibration intensity has a wide range, so
you can choose the intensity that best suits your mood, physical
condition, and preferences.

Feature 4: simple one-button operation
are becoming more sophisticated these days. This has resulted in more
buttons to operate, which can take time to get the hang of, and the
operation itself can be cumbersome.
This toy has a single button that
controls everything from on/off to vibration changes, making it easy to
operate, even for first-time toy users. The button glows when in use,
making it easy to operate even in dark places.

Feature 5: Travel lock function for easy portability
Love Not War Bullet Series is a small toy, quiet, and comes with a
pouch, making it a good portable toy. Take it with you on the road or on
vacation, and the travel lock function is a convenient way to do so.
The power is turned on in your bag...! You can prevent any unexpected situations.

Feature 6: IP67 fully waterproof
It is completely waterproof (IP67), which allows for use in the shower and for washing the entire unit under running water.
is completely waterproof and can be immersed in water up to 1 meter
within 30 minutes, so you don't have to worry even if you drop it in the
bathtub. It can also be enjoyed in the bathroom, expanding the range of
its use.

Meile means Love in "Lithuanian".
The silicone at the tip swells into a ball about 15 mm in diameter, making it ideal for clitoral stimulation. It delivers stimulation straight to the clitoris with pinpoint accuracy.
It is designed for easy stimulation along the pressure points that feel good to you, with the same sensation as when you plunge your fingertips into the clitoris, from left to right, up and down, or by circling around the area, etc., at the perfect angle and with the right amount of force. The ball-shaped tip can apply force evenly from any angle, no matter where it is applied, and furthermore, it can be freely manipulated to roll over the skin.
Meile" is a toy that creates love, not conflict. It is a barrette that brings a peaceful revolution to sexual pleasure.

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