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【Official Product】Womanizer Happy Set
This is a great chance to try the popular Womanizer at a very reasonable price! Limited quantities available, so don't delay!


【Official Product】Womanizer Happy Set

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Starlet 2
●Material:Silicon, ABS resin
●Size: 117mm x 46mm x 47mm
●Noise: low★★★☆high
●Battery Type: USB
●Vibrate Intensities:4 levels
●Waterproof:Waterproof for life
●Warranty Period:5 year
●Manufacturer:Womanizer (Germany)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥7,777 (tax included)
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Happy Set is perfect for those who want to try the popular Womanizer! Limited quantities available, so don't delay!

The Womanizer, the world's first suction vibrator, was created in 2014.
It does not put you inside, nor does it stimulate you strongly. It is a gently sucking toy that is unlike anything you have ever encountered before, and it has become a smash hit all over the world!
It quickly became a bestseller in LOVE PIECE CLUB.
In 2021, awareness of "Womanizer" exploded, and it may now be the most famous pleasure toy brand in Japan.
Many people mistakenly believed that "Womanizer" was a generic term for "suction toys" rather than a brand name, and in 2021 and 2022, products falsely labeled as "Womanizer" were sold and introduced in various web shops and on social networking sites.

Now, there are countless suction toys in the suction toy category. However, as a pioneer of suction toys, we often hear users say, "The pleasure of suction from the Womanizer is exceptional!"
We would like many people to try the Womanizer, which claims to offer a "100% orgasm guarantee."
However, since it is a brand-name product, the price is not cheap, and it is not something that can be purchased casually.
Therefore, we have prepared a limited number of grab bags that allow you to try out the Womanizer at a reasonable price!

The value of about 13,500 yen is only 7,777 yen! The contents of the bag are as follows!

[Contents of the grab bag]
(1) Womanizer starlet2 Coral
(2) Clit Kit (set of Womanizer silicone cap and clitoris key chain)
(3) Clitoris necklace
(Starlet2 - 9,900 yen value, Necklace - 2,900 yen value, Clit Kit - 700 yen value)

The "Womanizer Starlet2 Coral" is perfect for first-time suction toys and for those who prefer gentle and gentle suction rather than strong and intense suction!

In order to provide a simple and comfortable suction experience, no additional functions have been added. 70 g, the lightest weight in the series, and a compact size have been achieved by using only four levels of suction power.
This makes it easy to hold and less tiring even after continuous use.
The overall length of the compact size is smaller than an iPhone and can be easily stored in a cosmetic pouch, making it convenient for use outside the home, such as when traveling, on a date, or at a hotel on the road.

The "Clit Kit" is a set that includes a silicone cap that reproduces the former masterpiece "Womanizer 2" and a cute clitoris-shaped key chain.
For suction toys, the shape of the silicone cap, which is the suction port, is an important point that greatly affects the feeling of use.
This set reproduces the suction cap of the popular "Womanizer2," so you can feel as if you are using Womanizer 2 while using Starlet2...!
The clitoris key chain is a very rare gem...for those who know what they are talking about.

And even rarer than that is the "clitoris necklace"!
The bold move of turning the clitoris into an accessory is indeed Womanizer. Perhaps this is the most popular item in this grab bag.

This item was included in a limited number as a novelty of "Womanizer Premium2," but if you do a Twitter search with the keyword "clitoris necklace," you will find many people who want only the necklace by itself...!
Unfortunately, the necklace is not sold separately, and until now the only way to obtain it was to purchase the high-grade "Premium 2" model, but this time it is included in this grab bag, giving you a chance to get the clitoral necklace at the most affordable price!

2023 is a shocking orgasm and a clitoris around your neck in a casual way! Limited quantities available, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

※We are an authorized distributor of Womanizer and these products are official products.

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