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【smile makers】The Tennis Pro
Ergonomically designed G-spot vibrator. Battery-operated, but high-power vibrations and a quiet design of less than 40dB allow you to use it wherever you want.


【smile makers】The Tennis Pro

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●Material:Silicon (phthalate-free)
●Size: 153mmx42mmx30mm
●Noise: Small ☆☆☆☆ large(less than 40dB)
●Battery Type: AA battery x1
●Vibrate Modes: 6 types (1 to 4 levels of vibration intensity, 5 to 6 levels of vibration pattern)
●Waterproof:Waterproof for daily use
●Manufacturer: smile makers (Singapore)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥6,600 (tax included)
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smile makers is a remarkable Asian brand based in Singapore.
In developing their products, they started by conducting surveys of women around the world, and repeatedly asked for feedback. Then, with the cooperation of obstetricians, gynecologists, and sexologists, the brand creates products from the user's perspective based on anatomy.
In addition, we also use the information obtained from our own research to disseminate sex education programs. Sex education generally tends to focus on contraception and menstruation, but smile makers believes that pleasure-positive sex education is important for sexual wellness.
Currently a small company with six employees, two are Singaporean, one Indonesian, one French, one Taiwanese, and one Mauritian, it is an ethical company that respects diversity and has a statement against racial discrimination on its official website.

smile makers' newest product, The Tennis Pro, is an ergonomically designed G-spot vibrator that allows for qualified stimulation. 
Many people have heard of the G-spot, but don't know where it is or what it is.
The G-spot is one of the sexually sensitive zones, and the clitoris is largely responsible for its existence. The clitoris on the outside and the G-spot on the inside. At first glance, they seem to be completely unrelated and separate, but in fact, recent sexual science has revealed that the clitoris is a large, bulbous organ that is buried under the skin, and the G-spot refers to the position of the large clitoris buried under the skin and touched from inside the vagina.
The area commonly referred to as the clitoris is a small part of the clitoris that is visible from the surface, and the G-spot is the backside of the clitoris.
The Tennis Pro is designed to capture this G-spot comfortably and accurately.

The silicone is smooth and silky in the hand and is made of soft silicone manufactured in Japan. The materials do not contain harmful phthalates, and only materials safe for women's bodies are used. This is something you use on your precious body, and it is safe both on the surface and inside your skin.

Also, the feeling you get as soon as you take a look at it, "This is going to fit...".
The rounded, angled, tennis-ball-shaped head is slightly bent at the neck based on anatomy, and since the position of the G-spot and the shape of the vagina vary from person to person, the angled design allows it to fit so that it sucks in just the right spot!
We recommend that you stimulate the clitoris on the surface sufficiently from the outside before insertion to make it easier to have a "blended orgasm," which is a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm at the same time, and to deepen the pleasure even more.

Charging is not by USB, but by dry cell batteries, which is rare these days.
Although there is a disadvantage of being disposable, the fact that it does not need to be recharged and can be used immediately when you want to use it is a big advantage.
Also, with rechargeable toys, there is a concern that family members may see the toys while they are being recharged, which can take several hours, but this concern is unnecessary with the dry cell type. It is also nice that it can be used for up to 4 hours on AA batteries, which is a long operating time.
When carrying the device, as long as the batteries are removed, it will not move even if the switch comes in contact with it in your bag (of course), so you can carry it around with peace of mind.

It is very easy to use! Just insert one AA battery from the positive side and press the smile button on the tip briefly.
Each time you press the button, the vibration becomes stronger, and after 4 levels of vibration, you can enjoy 2 vibration patterns. Press and hold the smile button to turn off the power. The simple operation is easy to use, regardless of the user's age, and can be used in the dark without confusion.
Although battery-operated, the power is strong, yet quiet, at less than 40 dB, so you can concentrate on playing. You can concentrate on your play.

After you have warmed up sufficiently by stimulating your clitoris and nipples as you slide the smooth silicone, try inserting the tip a little first...!
The sensation is like a burning sensation! If you take it further and aim for the G-spot, take your time and feel the pulsating vibrations, and you'll have a blended orgasm...!
The G-spot is surprisingly shallow, and is said to be where the belly of the middle finger touches the second joint of the finger. Therefore, even if you don't insert it deeply, you can still feel it as long as the angle is precise.
The tennis ball-shaped tip stimulates the G-spot. The ball part is about 3 cm wide and small, so it is recommended for first-time insert toys! Please try it out!
It is waterproof and can be washed. You can use it hygienically.

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