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【smile makers】The Firefighter
This uniquely shaped vibrator can be used on a wide range of areas from the clitoris to the labia. High power even though it is battery-operated.


【smile makers】The Firefighter

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●Material:Silicon (phthalate-free)
●Size: 147mmx45mmx32mm
●Noise:small ☆☆☆☆large(less than 40dB)
●Battery Type: AA battery x1
●Vibrate Modes:6 types (1 to 4 levels of vibration intensity, 5 to 6 levels of vibration pattern)
●Waterproof:Waterproof for daily use
●Manufacturer:smile makers (Singapore)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥6,600 (tax included)
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Item Number: 5878

Points obtained: 300 LPC Points

smile makers is a remarkable Asian brand based in Singapore.
In developing their products, they started by surveying women all over the world and conducted many foot-backs. On top of that, with the cooperation of obstetricians, gynecologists, and sexologists, the brand creates products from the user's perspective based on anatomy.
In addition, we use the information obtained from our own research to disseminate sex education programs. Sex education generally tends to focus on contraception and menstruation, but smile makers believes that pleasure-positive sex education is important for sexual wellness.
Currently a small company with six employees, two are Singaporean, one Indonesian, one French, one Taiwanese, and one Mauritian, it is an ethical company that respects diversity and has a statement against racial discrimination on its official website.

smile makers' newest product, "The Firefighter," is a unique vibrator shaped like a flame lit by a candle.
It fits easily when placed on the vagina, just as you would expect it to fit.

Charging is not by USB, but by dry cell batteries, which is unusual. While this has the disadvantage of being disposable, the fact that it does not need to be recharged is a great advantage for immediate use. Also, there is no need to worry about family members seeing you charging the toy with a USB cable. many USB-type toys have a "travel lock function" to prevent the vibrator from malfunctioning in your bag while you are carrying it around, but the dry-cell battery type also does not work as long as the batteries are removed (naturally). The battery-operated type also does not work as long as the batteries are removed, so you can carry it around with peace of mind (of course).

It is very easy to use! Just insert one AA battery and press the smile button on the tip. Each time you press the button, the vibration becomes stronger, and after 4 levels of vibration, you can enjoy 2 patterns of vibration. Press and hold the smile button to turn off the power. The simple operation is smart enough for all ages of users and can be used in the dark without confusion.

The first great thing about this toy is that it can stimulate the entire vagina! If you like to stimulate not only the clitoris but also the labia area at the same time, we highly recommend this toy. The tip of the flame provides "point" stimulation, and if you apply it horizontally, you can enjoy "line" stimulation.

And more! Other toys can stimulate "surface", "point", and "line", but the great thing about this toy is that it can stimulate "2 points" at the same time! but the great thing about this toy is that it can stimulate "two points" at the same time!
When you hold the unit horizontally and start vibrating, the tip of the flame begins to tremble like a tongue. The stronger the vibration, the larger the afterimage of the tip's swinging width becomes, and when the button is pressed for the fifth time (first pattern), the tip of the tongue quivers at high speed. Quick! When the button is pressed for the fifth time (the first pattern), it makes a peculiar movement as if it were moving the tip of its tongue, which trembles at high speed. When the button is pressed one more time (the second pattern), the speed becomes even higher, and it moves at a tremendous speed, "Quik-quik-quik-quik! and moves at a tremendous speed.

You can place the tip of the tongue, which moves at high speed, on the clitoris, but what we would like you to try is to place the protruding part in the center of the flame on the clitoris. Then the tip of the tongue moves at high speed. Quik! and tapping the vulva at high speed! Vibrating these two points at the same time is a new and exciting sensation that makes you say, "I've been waiting for something like this! The two points are stimulated by the vibration at the same time, which is a new pleasure that makes you want to say, "I've been waiting for this!"

The silicone is smooth and silky, so it feels great sliding on your skin! Apply a lot of lubricant to the tip for high-speed tapping and use it not only on the vagina but also on the nipples and other parts of the body. and wrap it around your nipple or any other part you like. You will enjoy a different and tantalizing sensation from feathering.

After you have had your fill of the sensation, try inserting the tip a little bit...! It's like a burning sensation! The tip moves at a high speed, making a "quik-quik-quik-quik-quik! The tip moves at a high speed, a movement that is impossible for humans to reproduce! Toys that imitate human movements are good, but the real pleasure of pleasure is to enjoy movements that only toys like this can do. After enjoying the vibrations to the clitoris and the high-speed tapping to the vulva and labia, you will feel refreshed just like "The Firefighter" putting out the flames!
It is waterproof and washable for hygienic use. It can be used hygienically.
This is a great second vibrator for first time users or for those who are looking for new stimulation for their vagina! Please give it a try!

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