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Smooth Cock Ring with Power Levels and Patterns!It also strengthens erections and helps prevent mid-falling. It's made of surprisingly soft silicone and can be set to power up or down.



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●100% waterproof
●Material: 100% body safe silicon
●Rechargeable via magnetic recharging clip
●5 power levels
●7 pulse patterns
●Quiet when in use

販売価格:¥16,830 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01023463

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This is a men's toy from the very popular British brand JeJoue (in French, it means "I play").

The feature is made of an amazingly soft silicone.It fits any size penis securely. There was no painful tightness, just a soft plump feeling.Simply attaching it to the root strengthens the erection and helps to prevent mid-falling. In addition, when the vibe is done by the rechargeable type, a comfortable vibration runs from the root to the area around the testicle, and when inserted, the clitoris and the area around the vaginal entrance are stimulated at the same time.The closeness and stimulation are deepening with each other without the need for a hard pistoning motion.

What's revolutionary is that you can set the strength of the vibe.Many of the cockling vibrations were simple and straightforward, but you can adjust them to your liking. There is also a pattern of vibes, so I don't get bored with it and I can keep using it for a long time. The weakest vibration is really just a faint, soft vibration, but when you raise it to the fifth level of the maximum, it's quite strong, and it's like a challenge, so try it a little at a time.When you put it on a man, you're likely to see a face that makes an agonizing, joyful cry that you've never seen before.

The vibe is fully waterproof.Magnet type rechargeable.You can wash it in water or use it in the bath.

It can be used not only on the penis, but also on the vibrator or dildo that you always use.The soft, round material is suitable for use with about three fingers for sex between women or for masturbation.It comes in a firm case, so it's nice to be able to store it directly in the case.For all couples, including lesbians, and of course for singles.The cock ring vibe that I can recommend from the bottom of my heart is here!

*There is an error in the Japanese instruction manual. Correctly, it is "five levels of intensity and seven different pulsation patterns.

*The Mio is currently equipped with USB charging.USB charging is a method of charging by connecting to a PC, etc. If you can't charge it on your computer, you can also use an adapter (sold separately for 525 yen) to convert it to an electrical outlet.

Using the ideas

The cock ring is a hot topic of conversation on the street these days!!!
I want a dick that works on my dick! I've been getting a lot of chills from people who say, "I'm going to do this.That's right, the cock ring is a great way to make you feel great just by putting it on your penis and turning on the switch!Not only does it increase erectile power and durability, but it can also be used in this way!Here are 5 recommendations for cock rings that only LovePieceClub can provide
☆Recommendation of cock ring☆
No.1:"Increased Erectile Power & Lasting!"
No.2:"It's motivating even if you don't have to do piston work or move hard!"
No.3:"If you put it on a dildo, the dildo becomes a vibe!"
No.4:"Put it on your finger and substitute for a rotor!"
No.5:"Condom prevention!"
This is a very useful item for lesbian couples to use as a rotor for the first time!Of course, we also recommend it as a gift for men! Try using it with them when having sex!

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FAQ about products

Q Is the ring vibe a male one? A It's not like that! When combined with your favorite dildo, your favorite dildo will quickly become a vibe! If it's too thin, the vibrations won't be transmitted well, but if it's a medium size dildo, it will vibrate well no matter which you put it on. It can also be worn on a double-headed dildo for fun.

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