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LELO SILA Cruise Pink
Like gentle waves. A high-grade model of the popular SILA toy that delicately sucks from the tip of the clitoris to the surrounding area. you can enjoy a straight line to orgasm until the very end.


LELO SILA Cruise Pink

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●Material: body-safe silicone, ABS
●Size:W80mm x H75mm x D35mm
●Suction size:W15mm×H20mm
●Weight: 105g
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 2 hours
●Continuous operating time: 2 hours maximum
●Eight different suction patterns
●Strength and weakness settings:Carrying
(You may not be able to tell the difference in strength due to delicate vibrations.)
●Waterproof: Fully waterproof
●Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
●Manufacturer: LELO (Sweden)
●Country of manufacture:China

販売価格:¥30,800 (tax included)
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Like gentle waves. A high-grade model has been added to the popular
"SILA" toy that delicately sucks from the tip of the clitoris to the
surrounding area.
Although it looks exactly the same as the SILA, the SILA Cruise is equipped with a "cruise function.
The cruise function is an automatic control function that has been introduced in high-end vehicles.
machine automatically maintains a certain level of power without our
having to operate it, reducing hassle of operation and making it more
comfortable to use.
With the regular SILA, the power output is
reduced when the machine is pressed hard against the body. However, just
before orgasm, you may naturally push against the body to feel the
suction more directly. Therefore, the "SILA Cruise" automatically senses
the pressure when it is pressed down and maintains the output by
returning the suction intensity.
In other words, it makes it easier
to reach orgasm without weakening the suction force even when you press
down with a gust of pressure!
This eliminates the frustration of "I was so close...!" during use.

The new function of storing 20% of the electric power at all times is also included.
usual SILA Cruise is a little frustrating because when the battery
charge gets low, the power diminishes along with the charge.
With the
SILA Cruise, the stockpiling function ensures that the power does not
diminish until the moment the charge runs out completely.
The SILA Cruise does not lose suction power from the beginning to the end of the pleasure.

also has another suction toy with a cruise function, the "SONA Cruise,"
but its suction power is extremely strong, making it suitable as a
"second suction toy" for those for whom normal suction power is not
enough. In contrast, the SILA Cruise is intended for first-time users of
suction toys or for those who are new to toys and do not know what an
orgasm is, and who prefer gentle and soft suction.

Most women reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation, not from penetration.
Studies have shown that 75 out of 100 women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.
in recent years, suction toys that do not directly stimulate the
clitoris with vibrations, but instead "suck the clitoris" are being used
to bring you to orgasm without directly touching the clitoris.

Female pleasure does not always equal strength and intensity.
women feel pain and discomfort from strong and intense stimulation, and
many women find that stimulation that takes them all the way to orgasm
at once does not match their own timing and pace, and does not fit in
with their gradually increasing feelings.
Developed for such women, SILA is a suction toy for those who like the slow buildup of pleasure.
Like a gentle wave, the suction massages the tip and surrounding area of the clitoris.
body and the feeling are heightened while constantly feeling the soft
and strong pleasure that is slowly being scorched, and at this moment.
It is possible to switch to the best suction pattern and intensity for
orgasm and to reach it at the best time.

The main difference from many suction toys is the soft, deep, and large suction opening.
designed, the suction opening is circled by a fissure-like,
donut-shaped silicone surface that fits snugly against the skin for a
snug, sealed fit.
The wide suction opening of the SILA Cruise sucks
into the middle of the pleasure zone, enveloping the entire sexual zone
and increasing orgasmic sensations. Vibrations are spread evenly over
the entire clitoris for a slow, tasteful orgasm.

Another unique
feature of LELO's suction toys is the core-penetrating pleasure provided
by the high-speed sonic vibrations of its proprietary SENSONIC™
Just as you feel the vibrations from the sound of a big
club speaker or a big firework show, SILA incorporates sonic vibrations
in its technology so that you can feel them even if you are not actually
touching it.
The sonic vibrations provide intense pleasure without touching the clitoris, but gently delivering the vibrations to the core.

Of course, it is not only stimulating but also safe, and uses FDA-certified premium silicone that is smooth and harmless to the human body, so you can safely pursue pleasure even in sensitive and delicate pleasure zones.
There are a total of eight different suction patterns. Most of the standard suction toys have only an intensity setting and the pattern cannot be changed, but SILA allows you to enjoy a lustrous and rhythmic vibration pattern.
In addition, because the inside of the suction opening is completely covered with silicone and has no joints, it is 100% water resistant and does not allow water to enter the interior even when it is washed whole.

This is the ultimate in sexual care, taking the time to feel what your body needs.
This is a revolutionary toy that allows me to explore my fantasies and find the meaning of my pleasure.

In addition, here are LELO's suction toys with cruise function! →Sona Cruise, Sona Cruise 2

Due to the global situation, the price has been revised to reflect the rising cost of raw materials and transportation.
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

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