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Perfect for the hip! The popular massage wand that has appeared in music videos by world-famous artists. With its high-power motor and large head, you will feel the powerful stimulation!



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●Material:Silicon, ABS
●Size: 195mm x 69mm x 47.8mm
●Noise:Low ★★☆☆Loud (less than 50db)
●Battery Type: USB charging
●Vibrate Modes: 10
●Vibrate Intensities: 5
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof (IPX7)
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: VUSH (Australia)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥16,500 (tax included)
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VUSH is a gender-neutral sexual wellness brand created in Australia.

'No matter who you are, where you come from, or who you love. We welcome all."

This is VUSH's brand policy.
We strive for sexual wellness for everyone, whether you are new to using toys, cautious, curious, or brave.
To achieve this, we value high quality, ease of use for everyone, and beautiful design. Self-pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of, and toys are not something to hide. This is a remarkable brand that makes us feel the beginning of a new era.

MAJESTY 2" is perfect for the trend-conscious hipster in your life!
This massage wand was featured in the music video "UP" by the world famous artist Cardi B. Having the same toy as Cardi B is the coolest thing ever!

[Feature 1] Pinpoint vibration is not enough! For those who prefer powerful and big stimulation.
Although the number of small toys is increasing these days, the stimulation from powerful vibrations over a large area is a different kind of feeling.
It creates a different sensation from the pinpoint clitoral stimulation you get from a barrette or suction toy. Equipped with a high-power motor, you can enjoy powerful vibrations that seem to resonate all the way down to your belly. Of course, it can be used not only as a pleasure tool but also as a massager.

[Feature 2] 10 vibration patterns x 5 levels of vibration intensity
A toy to be used for a long time. MAJESTY 2 has 10 vibration patterns and 5 levels of vibration intensity to bring out your pleasure.
It is equipped with a wide range of vibration patterns, from basic vibrations that maintain constantly to rhythmic vibrations.You can enjoy variety of vibrations.
Rather than detailed vibrations, all patterns are dynamic.
The buttons are small and protruding, so you can operate it by feel without looking at your hand, and you can switch between vibrations even in the dark.

[Feature 3] Smooth,  high-quality silicone
It is made of dense, smooth silicone. It feels smooth and pleasant to the touch even when just tracing your skin with the vibration turned off. It is safe to use on sensitive skin.

Feature 4] IPX7 Fully Waterproof
Waterproof design for use during bath time. Can be used with a shower, can be washed entirely, and even if you accidentally drop it in the bathtub, don't worry: IPX7 allows it to be submerged for 30 minutes at 15cm to 1m below the surface (please note that this does not mean it can be constantly submerged in water).

This is the toy for you adventurous souls who like powerful stimulation.
It is also a great second toy.
You will love your body more. This toy affirms our body and our pleasure.
Even the box is beautiful and makes a great gift!

How to Use
First of all
Charge the battery before use. The light blinks during charging and turns on when the battery is fully charged. Normally it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery, but it may take up to half a day for the first time.

1: The bottom button is the power button. To turn on the power, press and hold it until it starts vibrating.
2: The middle button is the vibration pattern switching button. There are a total of 10 vibration patterns.
3: The top button is the intensity button. There are a total of five levels of intensity. Each time the button is pressed, the vibration becomes stronger, and when the button is pressed at the fifth level of strength, it returns to the first level.
4: To turn off, press and hold the power button until the vibration stops.

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