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Popular cock ring "LELO TOR2" and fashion brand DIESEL in a special collaboration with limited quantities! The cock ring with the highest vibration enhances the pleasure for both of you.



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●Material: Premium silicone
●Size: 60 x 42 x 42mm
Ring portion: 35 x 29mm
●Noise:  Low ★☆☆☆Loud (max. 50dB or less)
●Battery Type:  USB rechargeable
●Charging Time: 2 hours
●Operating time: 90 minutes
●Vibrate Intensities:  6 levels
●Warranty Period:One year warranty
●Manufacturer: LELO (Sweden)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥23,100 (tax included)
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Sexual toy brand LELO collaborates with global fashion brand DIESEL! The fusion of fashion and sexuality begins anew, from here.

Fashion and sexuality have continually broken down conservative traditions to create new and free values.
Fashion, a mirror of the times and society, has the energy to bring about social change.
On the other hand, the remarkable development of sexual toys in recent years has greatly updated our perception and discussion of sexuality.

LELO, the world's premier sexual toy brand that has elevated the value of having a toy with its luxurious design, and DIESEL, which has caused a major upheaval in the fashion industry with its jeans using outstanding processing technology.
This collaboration between the two brands will bring sexual toys into the mainstream by rewriting the taboos and stigmas around sex, and will create a society where everyone can talk about sex openly and safely, transcending gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and age, just as we talk about jeans. We aim to create a society where everyone can talk about sex openly and safely, regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or age.

The collaboration was realized with TOR2. It is a cock ring toy that is attached to the penis to enhance the pleasure between two people.
For this collaboration, the color has been changed to a passionate and sensual red. This color is DIESEL's signature color, signifying the young and progressive nature of the brand.

The cock ring stimulates not only the wearing side, but also the partner side, making this couple toy a pleasure for both of you.
To use, just put it on. It is very simple, but TOR2 has some unique LELO features.

The first feature is that it can be worn in a variety of ways: TOR2 can be worn facing up or down, so you can enjoy it in your preferred position and in the position of your choice.
You will want to experiment with different positions to enjoy the TOR2! Just by adding it to your regular play, you can enjoy more adventurous sex.
Vibrations are transmitted not only to the penis, but also to the clitoris on the woman's side when used by a hetero couple, so that both of you can feel good together without piston movements or vigorous movements.

The second feature is that it is made of the highest quality smooth silicone and fits any size. Silky and comfortable against the skin, silicone is safe for the body, resistant to deterioration, strong and soft.
The ring portion is thin and can be stretched by hand like rubber, allowing it to comfortably fit any shape or size penis. When attached to the penis, it closes tightly and gently holds it in place. By increasing blood flow, it also increases erection and lasting power. When used with a condom, it is also safe to use to prevent it from falling out.

The third feature is that the vibration is high-powered compared to a typical cock ring.
Although it is high-powered, the silent design makes it very quiet in operation. Because it is so quiet, we thought the vibration might be weak, but when we touched it, we were surprised by the strong vibration that runs through the entire body! Smaller toys tend to leak motor noise, but this is a high-quality motor, and the motor itself is designed to be quiet.

It can also be used not only as a cock ring, but also as a substitute for a rotor when self-pleasuring. Even with powerful vibrations, if you hold the ring part, the vibrations are not transmitted directly to the handle, so there is no uncomfortable numbness in your fingers.
It can also be used as a rotor for two people to fully enjoy using it as a rotor before play, and then attach it....

Available April 6, 2022, this collection is a limited edition, available exclusively at lelo.com, diesel.com, and select DIESEL flagship stores around the world.
The world's most sophisticated couple ring. It will thrill you and bring you to deeper orgasms!

Another LELO x DIESEL collaboration product, "LELO x DIESEL SONA Cruise" can be found here!

Basic Instructions
1・Wear the TOR2 so that the side with the letters printed on it is facing up. Touch your partner's body during insertion.
Turn on the vibration of TOR2.
3・Please enjoy insertion with vibration together with your partner.
Press the plus button on the side to turn on the power. Press and hold the plus button to gradually increase the vibrations. If you press and hold the minus button on the opposite side, the vibration will gradually become weaker and the power will turn off.

*If you feel any pain or discomfort while using the device, stop using it immediately.

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