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cachito happy
Convenient to carry and store! Clean, lipstick-shaped suction toy with lid. Gentle suction is recommended for beginners.


cachito happy

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●Material :ABS, silicon (cap part)
●Size: 90mm in total length
Width: 27mm (main body), 30mm (cap part)
●Noise:Small ★★☆☆Large
●Noise: USB charging
●Suction pattern: 10 types (1-5 levels: suction strength, 6-10 levels: suction pattern)
●Waterproof: Waterproof for daily use
●Warranty Period: One year
●Manufacturer: cachito
●Made in China

販売価格:¥9,900 (tax included)
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Item Number: 6051

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Many women reach orgasm not during insertion, but from clitoral stimulation.
Among the most popular types of toys these days are suction toys, which lead to orgasm by "sucking up" the clitoris without directly applying the toy to the clitoris.
In recent years, many brands have released suction toys one after another.

The selling point of "cachito happy" is its slimness and lightness.
In order to create the special sensation of "suction," suction toys have the disadvantages of being large in size and having limited design patterns.
CACHITO HAPPY has revolutionized this point.

Who would have thought that a suction toy could come in such a slim lipstick shape?
It is smaller in size and lighter in weight without compromising functionality.
It measures 90 mm in length and about 30 mm in width, not quite as small as an actual lipstick, but smaller than a smartphone.
Once the attached cap is closed, it is completely undetectable as an adult product.
It is lightweight and easy to carry, so it can be stored in a pouch. Please take it with you on trips and dates.
Even if someone sees it, they will never know it is an adult toy.

It is very easy to use.
Place the cap over your clitoris.
When it is fully inserted, the rim of the cup will vibrate gently against the base of the clitoris, while the tip is sucked in.
When used on top of lotion, it provides a complex and delicate sensation, as if you are being gently touched, erotically sucked, and kissed.
The inner diameter of the suction cap is small (about 10mm), so it is suitable for those who prefer the sensation of being sucked with a small tip or for those who have a small clitoris.

Operation is simple. Press and hold the power button on the side of the main unit to turn on the light and put the unit on standby.
Press the button to start suction.
There are a total of 10 suction patterns. By pressing the power button continuously, the patterns will change.
The suction patterns are in the following order: 1 to 5 levels (strong and weak suction), 4 to 6 levels (patterned suction), and even though it is mini-sized, you can enjoy the erotic rhythm of the suction patterns.
The suction is soft and gentle, so it is not for those seeking strong and intense suction. It is recommended for those who experience pain or discomfort when suction is too strong. Enjoy the smooth and delicate suction.

When you start suction, you will hear a loud "go" sound, but when it perfectly touches the skin, the "go" sound will disappear and only the motor sound will be heard. When the suction is snug and air is not trapped, the sound becomes quieter.
The simple and clean design is recommended as a first toy.

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