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Vibio - Glee Aloe Vera Lubricant 150 ml
Contains aloe vera. Water-based lotion, 99.97% natural, odorless, tasteless.Uniquely formulated to maintain the body's natural pH level.

Vibio - Glee Aloe Vera Lubricant 150 ml

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●Ingredients: Water, aloe vera leaf juice powder, flaxseed extract, guar gum, locust bean gum, xanthan gum, sodium chloride, potassium sorbate, citric acid, phenoxyethanol
●Volume: 30ml
●Brand: Vibio LTD (United Kingdom)
●Country of origin: China
*Please use within 1 year after opening.

販売価格:¥2,640 (tax included)
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Play always feels better than usual.
From London-based toy brand VIBIO comes an arousal gel to increase sensitivity!
With 99.97% natural ingredients, this gentle lotion is made to match the body's natural pH level.
Containing aloe vera, known for its skin beautifying properties, it moisturizes and lubricates.

The texture is tasteless, odorless, and clear, with a natural, realistic feel that does not interfere with regular sex.
It has a very "watery" texture among water-based lotions. Perfect for those who don't like highly viscous lotions and are looking for a texture similar to natural body fluids!
The texture is so smooth and as close to water as possible that you can hear a tapping sound inside when you shake the tube, and it seems to overflow naturally from inside.
It is thick like a secretion, without being deliberate.
Just opening the lid and tipping it open causes the lotion to flow right out, so it is recommended that you keep your hand on it beforehand or open the lid over the area where you will be applying it.
If you happen to get lotion on your underwear or sheets, rest assured that there is no color transfer.
The 150mL, a delightfully large volume, can be used sparingly.

It comes in a vegan, eco-friendly tube made from 100% sugarcane, so it is safe and gentle on your body, animals, and the earth.
It can also be used with condoms and silicone toys.
Clean and gentle design that does not look out of place by the bedside. It is an intimate item that can be used quickly and whenever you want to use it.

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FAQ about products

Q Is it safe to get inside my body? A We carefully selects lubricants that are safe and enjoyable. These are lotions that go directly into the body. It must be safe to lick, eat, and put anywhere. We handles only products that have been approved by the strict standards of the country of production. Of course, they are safe to put on any part of the body and can be used safely in the mouth or inside the body.

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