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PEAQ Aroma <VACANCE> Single Item
Easy CBD intake just by smoking. 〈VACANCE〉 will make you feel like you are at a tropical resort, relaxing at the end of the day. Recommended for when you want to feel happy and positive.

PEAQ Aroma <VACANCE> Single Item

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●Taste: Orange x Passion fruit x Mint
●CBD content: 5%.
●Capacity: 1.5ml x 2pcs (disposable type / can be used for about 1 month)
●Brand: PEAQ in Tokyo (Japan)
●Distributor: Drom.co. , ltd
●Planning origin: amateras, Ltd.
●Country of Origin:Japan

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PEAQ is a CBD brand from Tokyo.
PEAQ Aroma is a "vapor type" CBD vaporizer that allows for easy CBD intake, high absorption rate, and immediate effects.

CBD is a relaxant derived from the cannabis plant.
Cannabis contains many active ingredients, the most famous of which are CBD and THC.
THC is an ingredient that makes people high and is banned in most countries around the world, including Japan. On the other hand, CBD, which is contained in PEAQ, is the opposite of a high and has a relaxing effect. It is legal in most countries including Japan.
PEAQ uses only safe, high-quality CBD "CBD isolate" without the illegal ingredient THC. In addition, it contains no sugar or caffeine, so you can use it every day with peace of mind!

PEAQ is made only from pure "CBD" without all the "THC" component of the high, so it has no stimulant effects.
Everyone who has tried CBD has a different opinion. Some people say it makes them feel fluffy and sleepy, while others describe it as like a glass of wine and a little tipsy.
Don't be afraid to try your own "healing world"!

There are four types of aromas to choose from.
These unique aromas are inspired by the "four good habits" (hobbies, sleep, meditation, and sex) that we want modern people to adopt.

PEAQ Aroma <VACANCE> is an aroma inspired by hobbies.
It contains 5% CBD, which is the optimal concentration for daily use, and the soft floating sensation of CBD allows you to enjoy a tropical trip in the comfort of your own home.

The flavor is a fresh tropical cocktail of blood orange and passion fruit. It is characterized by the pleasant sweetness of orange and the freshness of fresh mint.
Enjoy reading, watching a movie, or listening to music while relaxing on the sofa and ending the day on a happy note.

Easy to use. Simply set the Aroma <VACANCE> into the device and inhale. Relax and take deep, slow breaths.
We recommend 10 to 20 breaths every night.

For an hour at night, go to the "healing world" away from your smartphone.
PEAQ is a brand that aims to help everyone develop their own care habit.
Take care of your mind and body for an hour a day. By taking care of yourself, your mind will be filled with a little more contentment and you will be able to make a little room for yourself.
PEAQ believes that after that, you will be able to be tolerant and respectful to others.
We aim to create a society that appreciates and respects differences under the slogan, "Those who can take care of themselves can also take care of others.

This is a single aroma product. Aromas require the "body" in order to use them. If you are a first time user, please purchase the "Main Kit" which includes the aromas and the body. (The "body" can be used for all aromas.)

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FAQ about products

Q Are there any precautions? A ・CBD may cause drowsiness, so do not use in situations where concentration is required, such as when driving.
・This product is intended for the purpose of inhaling CBD. Please do not use it for any other purpose.
・If you feel any physical discomfort while using the product, discontinue use.
Q Does it contain nicotine, tar, or other harmful ingredients?  A PEAQ Aroma is made up of the following three components.
・CBD (5% or 10%)
・Aroma Flavoring (Flavoring is the key to taste and aroma. Each aroma uses different flavorings)
・Vegetable glycerin + propylene glycol (these two are the base ingredients needed to dissolve CBD)
・Since it is composed only of the above, it does not contain any ingredients harmful to the human body such as nicotine and tar, as well as sugar, sugar, and caffeine. You can use it every day with peace of mind.
Q How much should I smoke per day to feel the effects?  A We recommend using it 20-30 times per day.
However, since the feeling of CBD varies greatly from person to person, we recommend that first-time users try CBD for one to two weeks on a daily basis.
If you do not feel much after two weeks, try doubling your daily dose or switching to a higher CBD concentration aroma (from 5% to 10%).
Q My throat feels irritated.... A The vapor temporarily deprives the throat of moisture, which can cause it to feel dry and irritated. (The higher the CBD concentration, the more likely you are to feel a sniffle, especially if the CBD concentration is high.)
If you are concerned about wheezing, drink a glass of water during and after use to keep your throat moist.

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