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2-way design that can also be used as a V-shaped toy by attaching a sleeve. The rotor has a magnet that can be fixed to your shorts! Remote control allows you to enjoy it completely hands-free.



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●Material:Silicon, ABS
Total length:85.4×28.4×25.8mm
Insertion Diameter:12.5mm
Insertable length:66.2mm
●Weight:38.5g(Main Unit)、41.6g(remote control)
●Noise:low ☆☆☆☆ high (less than 40dB)
●Battery Type: USB charging
●Charging Time: 2 hours for full charge
●Operating time: 1 hour
●Vibrate Modes:8 types on the body + 9 types on the phone 
●Vibrate Intensities: 3 levels
●Waterproof:Waterproof for daily use
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: ZALO (China)
●Made in:China
Toy sack included

販売価格:¥12,900 (tax included)
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ZALO is a toy brand from Asia that is attracting attention around the world. It is the brand that LOVE PIECE CLUB is most excited about this season.

ZALO's packaging, design, and functionality are all steeped in the idea of beautifully affirming women's desires, a concept that tells a fantastic story.
The "Legend Series," which has become one of the most popular and standard-setting collections, is inspired by Egypt's more than 6,000 years of history, the grandeur of the pyramids, and countless myths and legends.

The Legend Series lineup has so far included the suction vibrator "QUEEN" and the swinging rotor "HERO," both of which are popular toys rich in individuality.
The newest addition to the Legend Series is the "AYA," a 2-way toy that can also be used as a V-shaped toy by attaching the sleeve that comes with it.

By attaching the sleeve with the insert part to the powerful rotor, you can enjoy vibrations inside and outside at the same time!
The golden shiny part of the rotor is a magnetic buckle, and you can put the rotor in your shorts and fix it with a magnet, so you can enjoy pleasure to your heart's content.

[Feature 1] Rotor with magnetic buckle that can be fixed inside the shorts.
The long, slim rotor has a bulging clitoris for pinpoint stimulation. The hard texture makes the vibrations resonate with a firm resonance.
The vibrations are powerful, but if you use it under the covers, you won't even know you're using it.
At first glance, it looks like an ordinary rotor, but when you remove the golden part attached to the rotor... it turns out to be a magnet!
With the golden magnetic part removed, the rotor is placed inside the shorts, and the golden magnetic part is placed on top of the shorts close to the rotor, and they stick together.
Then, all you have to do is enjoy it hands-free to your heart's content. This solves the problem of using a small rotor, which is that your hands gradually get tired and distracted.

[Feature 2] Insertion sleeve that turns into a V-shaped toy
When you attach the sleeve with a silicone insertion part, it turns into a V-shaped toy!
The insertion part is about the thickness of a thumb and a half, and the G-spot area is bulging and firm, so you can feel the vibrations inside.
The angle of insertion is flexible and can be adjusted.
Another V-shaped toy with a remote control is ZALO's "FanFan," which is also a V-shaped toy with a remote control. However, the AYA has a more flexible insertion angle, making it easier to adjust the position, and eliminating the need to worry about the "I can't get the position just right...! That is common with V-shaped toys.
Some people may wonder if the sleeve is enough to transmit the vibration to the insertion point.
Some of you may be wondering, "Is it possible to transmit vibrations to the insertion area by simply attaching the sleeve?
The rotor of the main body vibrates powerfully even though it is small, so the vibration is transmitted firmly to the tip of the insertion part.
The insertion part is compact, so it is recommended for those who have never used an insert toy before.

[Feature 3] Enjoy it with your partner via remote control or app remote control.
The AYA comes with a small remote control that fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to easily change the intensity and pattern of the vibrations with the remote control.
The remote control can be used to change the intensity and vibration pattern by pressing the up and down buttons on the remote control. Pressing the middle button of the remote control while the device is vibrating puts it in standby mode. Then, pressing either the up or down button starts the vibration again! It is nice to be able to resume immediately.
Furthermore, this remote control connects quite quickly, and once the rotor is turned on, all you have to do is press the up and down buttons on the remote control to start the vibration. Compared to ZALO's previous remote-controlled toys, it is much easier to connect. It is a nice point that there is no need to wait for the connection.

What's more, it has a great feature! If you download the official ZALO app for free on your smartphone, you can also operate the device with the built-in Bluetooth!
Easy operation with a smartphone screen. The app has been renewed and now offers a total of 6 different functions.

①"Classic Mode" has 9 different waveform vibrations, and the vibration patterns are displayed on the screen in an easy to understand graph-like appearance.
② "Video Mode" is a new feature that vibrates in accordance with your videos in your smartphone! Enjoy watching your favorite videos!
③ "Music Mode" is a fun feature that vibrates to the rhythm of your favorite music on your phone.
④"Customize mode (draw something)" is linked to the finger that touches the smartphone screen. When you quickly trace the screen, the vibrator responds. You can even create and save your favorite rhythms! You can even enjoy the vibrating patterns created by your partner when you are alone...it's a great way to burn off some heat.
⑤ "Shake" is a function that vibrates when the phone is shaken. The harder you shake it, the stronger the vibration. When you want to concentrate on pleasure, you can operate it by feel without looking at the screen!
⑥ "Interactive mode" is a high-tech feature that allows you to operate while talking to other app users! Just search for the user you want to connect with and register them as a friend. Once the device and the app are connected in advance and you start chatting, the other party will be able to control the device.
Text chat, calls, and even video calls! You can control the device while watching their reactions, so it's sure to be a lot of fun! This remote control can be done even from far away abroad, making it perfect for fun with partners you don't get to see very often.

Operation with the main unit alone offers a total of 8 vibration patterns. These range from rhythmic vibrations to undulating vibrations. That alone is enough, but if you operate it with the app, the vibration patterns are unlimited! Your insatiable quest for pleasure begins.
The main unit is conveniently rechargeable. It is waterproof for daily use, so it can be washed entirely in water and is easy to clean.

This 2-way toy AYA can be used as both a rotor and a V-shaped toy.
Outside or inside, alone or together, this dreamy toy will fulfill the wishes of such greedy people, and you are sure to find your favorite way to enjoy it!

[How to use]
1. Charge the main unit with the included charging cable. Charging is complete when the light stops blinking and becomes always on.
2. Press the button on the main body of the rotor for 2 seconds to make the light blink and turn on the power. The rotor enters standby mode.
3. To operate the rotor with the rotor body: After putting it in standby mode, press the button again to start vibration. Press the button again to switch between 8 vibration patterns.
When operated with the included remote control: With the main unit in standby mode, press the up and down buttons on the remote control to start vibration. Press and hold the buttons to switch between patterns. Pressing the middle button while the device is vibrating will enter standby mode and the vibration will stop.
To operate via smartphone app: Download "ZALO Remote Pro" and enter the product number "7370" to register AYA.
4.To turn off the power, press the button on the main unit for 2 seconds.

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Q Is the remote control rechargeable? A The remote control is battery operated. It is built into the main unit at the time of purchase. Please use 23A12V alkaline batteries when replacing the batteries.

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