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Je Joue MIMI
Despite its compact size, it offers a variety of speeds and patterns, from subtle to intense vibrations. For two or for one. Also recommended as a gift.


Je Joue MIMI

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Total length:85mm
●Battery Type:USB
●Vibrate Modes:7 modes 
●Vibrate Intensities:5 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: JeJoue (UK)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥15,400 (tax included)
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Item Number: 6325

Points obtained: 700 LPC Points

Palm-sized rotors from JeJoue, UK. This brand from London is gentle to the body and supports female sexuality in a positive way.
JeJoue is characterized above all by its pleasant-to-the-touch silicone. It is made of the highest grade silicone. It is recommended for those who never want to compromise on their first rotor because they can enjoy delicate vibrations as if it were an extension of their hand without feeling materially cold or hard.

The size is cute enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The material is so light and smooth that it may be the most pleasant to the touch among LOVE PIECE CLUB many products.

It is very gentle to the touch and has plenty of power.
It even rattles and jumps when placed on a desk while vibrating!
You can take advantage of this power by applying it to the clitoris or the entire vagina on the "surface," or by tracing the nipple or nape of the neck with the tip for a truly tantalizing stimulation.
Because the material is gentle, even with such powerful vibrations, it does not feel painful or rough.
The shape of the device fits perfectly when placed against the clitoris and vagina! It can be used lightly on the nipples and clitoris, next to the vagina, covering the labia, etc. .... You will find many, many, many exciting ways to enjoy it!
It's also very easy to use, and it fits nicely and naturally in your hand when you hold it!

It is magnetically charged and completely waterproof. Easy to charge without the need to plug it in.
You can use it with lots of lotions or wash it in the bathroom with you when you wash your body.
And of course, you can play with it in the bathroom!
Also makes a great gift!

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FAQ about products

Q When I use MIMI, it gets hot. Can I continue to use it? A Yes, it is fine. MIMI gets warm when used, but it is not a problem.
Q What is the difference between MIMI and MIMI Soft? A The softness of the tip is different. The tip of MIMI is the same hardness as the body, but the tip of MIMI Soft has no core inside and is soft like a bubble. The motor inside is the same, so the vibration pattern is the same.

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