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Vibrator for pinpoint clitoris stimulation! The thin and soft tip vibrates in a figure 8 motion. The pinpoint stimulation will lead you to pleasure again and again.



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●Material:Body-safe silicone, ABS resin
●Size: W46×H165×D60mm
●Battery Type:USB rechargeable
●Charging Time:2 hours
●Operating time:Up to 2 hours
●Vibrate Modes:8 modes
●Vibrate Intensities:8 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1-year
●Manufacturer: LELO (Sweden)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥27,610 (tax included)
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From "LELO" is a luxury toy brand from Sweden. The first clitoris spin point vibrator "DOT" is now available!

Have you ever had a second or third orgasm that you still wanted to have, but couldn't quite bring yourself to have it?

Conventional vibrators deliver a broad range of vibratory stimulation for a fixed period of time. This means that the vibrator becomes numb when you are feeling pleasure or after you have reached orgasm, and you need to wait a little while before you can feel a second orgasm.
But because the DOT vibrate and stimulate with pinpoint accuracy, there is only a small area where skin sensation is dulled. Therefore, once the pleasure spot is found, it is now possible to have many orgasms in a row.

Here are some of the features of these DOT!

[Feature 1]Thin, soft tip for pinpoint stimulation
The tip of the DOT, a clitoris "pinpoint" vibrator, is about 5 mm across to allow local stimulation of a small area.
In addition, the tip, especially about 1 cm from the tip, has no motor or core inside, so it can be moved flexibly to help stimulate various areas!

[Feature 2]Patented Infinite Loop Technology
The patented Infinite Loop Technology vibrates in a figure eight, as the name "Infinite" suggests!
You can feel unprecedented stimulation and also get different sensations by changing the pressure and angle.

[Feature 3]8 levels of vibration intensity and vibration patterns
With 8 levels of vibration intensity, you can enjoy a wide range of stimulation from slight pleasure to strong pleasure that makes your entire body pulse.
There are 8 vibration patterns, with not only simple standard movements but also rhythmical vibrations, so you can enjoy it from the beginning of pleasure to orgasm without getting bored.

[Feature 4] Smooth, high-quality silicone
It is made of very smooth silicone.
There is a core below the 1cm tip, but there is a cavity between the outer silicone. You will not feel any hardness when you pick it up. The handle is also made of smooth silicone and fits securely in the hand.

[Feature 5] Multiple orgasms ......!
As you can see,DOT can stimulate the clitoris with pinpoint accuracy!
In other words, you can stimulate not the entire clitoris but, for example, the base of the clitoris, the gap between the clitoris and the outer labia, the gap between the clitoris and the inner labia, etc., with pinpoint accuracy, so you may experience a variety of orgasms not only once but many times.... ...!
Of course, everyone feels differently, so you may not know until you experience it. However, DOT may lead you to an unknown and unlimited world that you have never experienced before. Please experience it!

[Feature 6] Completely waterproof!
DOT is completely waterproof, so it can be enjoyed in any situation.
It can be used in the shower or in the bath, and of course it is hygienic because it can be washed entirely.

Because the DOT provides pinpoint stimulation, it provides more direct pleasure than other vibrators.
Therefore, it may be more stimulating for those who are new to vibrators or those who want to enjoy self-pleasure in the future. may find it more stimulating.
However, beginners may also be interested in the various parts of the clitoris and the clitoral organs, wondering what feels good. and explore the clitoris and other parts of the body that feel good!

You can try it not only on the clitoris, but also along the nipples and various parts of the body, or insert the tip into the vaginal area. ......
Whether you are alone or together, come discover new pleasures with DOT!

*Basically, because the toy is intended for external stimulation, it may stop working if you press against it inside or strongly grip it with your hand after insertion. Please be assured that this is not a malfunction.

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FAQ about products

Q Please tell us how to take care of it. A Before and after use, keep the toy clean and wash it with mild soap and warm water. We also recommend the use of a special cleaner for toys.
Q Can I insert it? A Yes, insertion is possible. However, since it is designed for external stimulation, it will stop working when pressure is applied to the entire tip. When using it, we recommend that you do not insert it too deeply if you want to feel the vibration.

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