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BEST 5Single-use Lube6月4日 ~ 6月11日

  • YES インティメイト・モイスチャージェル VM アプリケーター

    YES VM - natural vaginal moisturiser 5ml×6pcs

    3,960 yen

    95% of the ingredients are organic. The "Moisturizing Gel for the vagina" that is particular about the ingredients and the feeling of use. Easy to put in applicator type

  • exsens【HARMONY】 マッサージオイル/琥珀&ホホバ ピロー


    220 yen

    Massage oil for useable pillows. The main ingredient, jojoba oil, is popular for its high beauty benefits and resistance to oxidation. It can be used as a massage as well as a hair and body care oil.

  • exsens【SENSUAL】 マッサージオイル/ガーネット&アルガン ピロー


    220 yen

    Massage oil for useable pillows. The main ingredient "Argan Oil" is popular as an oil with excellent moisturizing and skin-beautifying properties. It can be used as a hair and body care oil.

  • exsens【RELAX】 マッサージオイル/アメジスト&アーモンドオイル ピロー


    220 yen

    Massage oil for useable pillows. The main ingredient, "sweet almond oil", is a beauty oil full of vitamins that women tend to lack. It can be used as a massage as well as a hair and body care oil.

  • SENSUVA ウォーミングクリトリスジェル シナモン


    550 yen

    The moment you put it on, your clitoris will be more sensitive! A licking lotion with cinnamon flavour. The warm sensation is added gently,

  • YES インティメイト・モイスチャージェル VM 7mlピロー

    YES VM - natural vaginal moisturiser 7ml

    220 yen
    176 yen

    95% of the ingredients are organic. The "Moisturizing Gel for the vagina" that is particular about the ingredients and the feeling of use.This is a pillow for 7ml, the standard amount for one use.

  • シルクィッド モイスチャライザー・ピローセット

    Sliquid Refresh Moisturizer Cube / Sampler Pack

    2,200 yen

    If you feel a lack of vaginal hydration, this is the first time. A set of two lotions to moisturize a vagina that is prone to dryness due to changes in hormonal balance or menopause.

  • YES インティメイト・ウォーターローション WB アプリケーター

    YES WB water based personal lubricant 5ml×6pcs

    3,740 yen

    A water-based lotion that is 96% certified organic. Protect your skin and let it flow from the inside out! A very convenient applicator type to add moisture to your skin!

  • YES インティメイト・オイルローション OB 7mlピロー

    YES OB natural plant-oil based lubricant 7mL

    220 yen

    It is a 99.8% organic oil lotion. It has an amazing long-lasting lubricating effect and is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, so it is safe to use. It is a used up pillow type (7ml)!

  • YES インティメイト・ウォーターローション WB 7mlピロー

    YES WB water based personal lubricant 7mL

    220 yen
    176 yen

    A water-based lotion that is 96% certified organic. It protects the skin and lubricates the vagina. It is designed to balance the pH of the vagina. This is the pillow type (7ml) that you can use up!

  • スィーツ・ローションセット

    Wicked Teasers Lubricant 10pk

    1,760 yen

    Has there ever been a lotion as delicious as this? the freshly picked apple, The gentle bitter salted caramel and the taste of mocha. All of the flavors are 200% realistic!

  • シルクィッドオーガニック・ピローセット

    Sliquid Organics Sampler Set

    2,200 yen

    A trial set all the popular organic lotions!

  • シルクィッドオーガニック【Oジェル】ピロー

    Sliquid Stimulation O gel

    396 yen

    Natural gel to deepen clitoral pleasure, the all-in-one pack is now available!

  • シルクィッドオーガニック・ピロー【ジェル】

    Sliquid Organics Gel Sampler

    220 yen

    95% organic lotion for peace of mind. It firmly coats the skin and protects the delicate skin from friction during insertion. A sampler type to use up when you're out and about.

  • シルクィッドオーガニック・ピロー【ナチュラル】

    Sliquid Organics [Natural] Sampler

    220 yen

    The most basic lotion. We use organic plants to create a natural, overflowing feel to the touch and a non-drying feel. When in doubt, start here!

  • シルクィッドオーガニック・ピロー【オーシャン】

    Silquid Organics [Ocean] Sampler

    220 yen

    This is a sticky lotion with seaweed in the ingredients. This natural lotion is sticky but not heavy, soothingly soothing to the nature of the sea. This lotion makes gently sooth like sea.

  • シルクィッドオーガニック・ピロー【シルク】

    Sliquid Organics [Silk] Sampler

    220 yen

    This is a creamy and soft to the touch lotion, half silicone and half water.

  • シルクィッドオーガニック【Oジェル】12パックセット

    Sliquid Stimulation [O gel] Sampler 12packs set

    3,850 yen

    Popular natural gel to deepen clitoral pleasure. A 12packs of samplers that is more economical than one sampler type or the bottle type! If you love O-Gel and want to buy it in bulk, we recommend it!

  • シルクィッドナチュラル・ピロー【H2O】

    Sliquid natural [H2O] Sampler

    220 yen

    Single use type! Literally, this lotion is exactly like water. Made with only 5 ingredients, it's as close to water as you can get and feels like it's overflowing from the inside of your body.

  • シルクィッドナチュラル・ピロー【シー】

    Sliquid Natural [Sea] Sampler

    220 yen

    The most sticky lotion in the Sliquid series. This natural water-based lotion is made with Nori, wakame and seafood. The light blue package is refreshing and useful single use sampler type!

  • シルクィッド リップリッカーズ・ピローセット

    Sliquid Lip Lickers Lube Cube / Sampler Pack

    1,980 yen

    A set of the popular Sliquid series natural lotion that is delicious to lick. It's not too sweet, so it's also recommended for those who are new to flavored lotion.

  • Gスポットジェル ピロー

    Organic Gspot Gel Sampler

    418 yen

    G-spot locations that you'll definitely want to find. For those who want to feel better. Trial size.

  • タイトジェル ピロー

    Organic Tight Gel Sampler

    418 yen

    A gel that tightens up the vagina. A lotion that uses natural ingredients and organic extracts in a luxurious way.This is a trial size used sampler!

  • フレイバージェル キャラメル

    Flavor gel Caramel Sampler

    330 yen

    This lotion is made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Sugar free. When you have oral sex, the caramel scent will spread and make your sexy night even more exciting! Trial size.

  • アナル用スムーズジェル ピロー

    Smooth Gel for Anal Sampler

    418 yen

    Organic smooth gel for anal. This is a natural lotion that uses the extract from the bark of the Giva tree. It's a smoothness that can also be used for sex & self-pleasure. Trial size.

  • ディフェンス海草ローション ピロー

    DEFENSE Lubricant Gleitmittel Sampler

    418 yen

    Even though it's seaweed, it's not a strong slimy lotion, but a gliding lotion that seems to flow out of your body naturally. Contains antibacterial and viral inhibitors. Trial size.

  • クリトリスジェル・ストロング ピロー

    Organic Critoral Gel Intens Sampler

    418 yen

    An organic gel that makes your clitoris feel more comfortable and sensitive. Recommended for those who want a stronger stimulation. It's a trial type!

  • 【TOKA】ナチュラルマッサージオイル ピロー


    176 yen

    It was born out of the Mediterranean people's tips for living. This massage oil is enriched with natural ingredients that are great for your skin. It doesn't feel sticky and doesn't stretch,

  • マッサージオイル HOT VANILLA ピロー

    Massage HOT VANILLA Pillow

    220 yen

    The tenderness that precedes a night of hot pleasure, accompanied by a gentle vanilla aroma…

  • マッサージオイル COCONUT ピロー

    Massage COCONUT Pillow

    220 yen

    A massage oil that tastes good on the tongue. A quick puff of air and...! The coconut flavor will make you feel sexy. This 3ml pillow type is easy to use.

  • マッサージオイル STRAWBERRY ピロー

    Massage STRAWBERRY Pillow

    220 yen

    A fun massage oil to lick and woo. The strawberry flavor makes you want to lick it with all your might. Easy to use 3ml pillow type.

  • マッサージオイル MINT MOJITO ピロー

    Massage MINT MOJITO Pillow

    220 yen

    Mojito flavored massage oil with plenty of mint leaves! Put it on your body and then breathe on it. Amazing sting that heats up your skin! It's an easy to use 3ml pillow type.


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